Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 19


Going a day without a very constructive plan gave him lots of reason to worry, and what if mirabel is already one step ahead of him.
Milano: nope thats not possible!! He yelled a bit perhaps i have to see charles, he picked up his phone and called charles private line.
Charles: hello milan he said in a friendly tune.
Milano: charles i really need to talk to you right away.
Charles: like now?? Its late already, is it that important that you cannot wait until tomorrow??
Milano: it really cannot wait, i need a solution as quick as possible.
Charles: ok then lets meet in my house.
Milano: am coming right away he said hanging up as he grabbed his car key, he drove down as fast as possible to charles house, he alighted strolled to the door and ringed the door bell.
Charles; hearing the bell, he rushed to get the door knowing its milano. Hey come on in he said as he walked in gently
Milano: charles everything seemed to be messed up lately, i cant help the fact that mirabel is out there and everyday that breaks she’s one step close to getting her memory back.
Charles: whats it that’s eating you up he asked.
Milano: you said she recognized her son, at our last meeting i think she pretended not to. That really is enough reason for me to be worked up, she could be up to something. Have been considering moving lucas away but it seemed like its not gonna work but am gonna persuade him further to see if he might give in. Charles right now i really dont know how to keep lucas away from her, i smell trouble already.
Charles: exhaling that’s gonna be a real difficult thing to do milano, i saw their back then in the hospital. If i were to give you my humble opinion. I really do think its time you stop hiding in your past shadows, swallow your pride accept defeat just this one time milan. You cant fight karma and you know it, this is the karma you created, you have to face it.
Milano: am not ready to give in just yet charles, i always win no matter what.
Charles: not when both mother and son are capable of putting up a good fight with you milano, stop this madness already. I know its my fault, i should have told you sooner. Its time to face it milan.
Milano: no matter how he thought about it charles words made a whole lot of sense but his suggestion was really a big leap for him and there’s no way he is gonna do that. They went on with the arguement for hours as charles tried convincing him.
I slowly got into the bed like i was remoted, while she rest on my chest. I laid there as my mind wandered far away, and sleep seemed to be on a journey tonight, not realizing dera was awake too.
Dera: you dont seem comfortable
Me: a bit shock i thought she was fast asleep. Not really i had a very long nap before going to the peach i said.
Dera: nodding as she went silent again, i watched her sleep peacefully or should i say laid peacefully and then sleep returned from wherever it went to. I fell into a deep sleep too.
The night was cold and calm, and the beating of hearts was more like a rhyme, sleep was so awesome. After a long night i was finally awake, looking out of the window to see the bright sky as i yawned, my eyes drifted to my right was an empty bed, dera was nowhere to be found.
To be continued