Missing Diamond Episode 7(Finale)


***********Final Episode*************

  ‘He gave her many jewels, some of which she sold over the years, but the only one she kept was the Stefani stone. 

  ‘Your name!’ he flared. ‘Your real name is Stefania Valentina, not Irene. You cannot deny what is on your birth certificate. You were named after the jewel he gave to your mother. Your mother was his mistress.” 

  ’My mother was not his mistress!’ she replied as she ripped off the necklace and hurled it at the king. 
It hurt like hell to take off her mother’s jewel, but it was also impossible to keep. It was a thing, a possession, not hers to hold on to, just as she was a possession, a thing, a means to an end.

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  Picking up the phone, the king summoned Fred to their presence, handing over the treasure and telling him to break the news to the Aristo palace and also to the press that the diamond was now his. That King Boateng’s Legacy was about to be fulfilled!

  The news that Zakari had the stone ripped through the kingdoms of Aristo and Calista. Even King Samuel was slightly taken aback by the fallout as he watched the breaking news on television. Regular programming had been suspended and on every channel it was the only subject on people’s minds. 
There was wailing in the streets of Calista, while the Aristan people, rather than celebrating were still in shock. 

  The Aristan royals had offered no comment but senior aides had already been dispatched to Calista and were demanding to sight the stone and prove its authenticity. Only the Calistan royals, it seemed, were in the mood for celebration.

  Since the explosion about the missing Stefani diamond had hit, Aristo had been in turmoil. That the Calistan King would now rule them had sent shock waves of fear, not just through the palace, but through the people too.

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 King Samuel flew to Aristo, where he would meet with the current royal family who were also still reeling from the shock that, not only was the precious diamond now in the hands of the Calistans, but their missing Princess was the biological daughter of king Boadi.

  Princess Beatrice had been sick all this while and was not getting any better. She passed on after confessing that she ordered some guards to kidnapped Valentina.

  A grand ceremony was organized to coronate Samuel as king of Marisa. King Samuel was installed in office by the priests amid great jubilation and other expressions of support, approval and satisfaction. 

  To the surprise of everyone, King Samuel choose Valentina the princess of Aristo to be his Queen. Together they will both rule the kingdom of Marisa.
“You will serve the people I now rule.” Said the king.

  “I was not born to be Queen and yet, I am. Sometimes life takes a turn and all we can do is follow the new path.” Replied Valentina.

  The king stared into her eyes and said, ‘You were born for this. Wisdom flows in your veins, and the Kingdom of Marisa is better for having you. You are better than good.’ 

  The Queen stared at the people of Marisa, then voiced her own truth. ‘I am proud to serve you.’


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