Mum’s Marriage – Episode 9 – Broken Link 


​““Pee, what are you doing, I can’t believe this” Ruby shouted. 
At this moment, Ruby realized how vulnerable men can be. There was no doubt PEE was in love with her, but for him to have almost eaten the forbidden fruit barely 3 months after their wedding is something she couldn’t comprehend. Ruby had mixed feelings and was in dilemma. She just couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing. For now, the only thing she could think of was to get out of the house, from her matrimonial home and perhaps call it a quit. 
To be honest, over 70% of men will fall for this, but Pee was grateful that Ruby came in on time to stop him from going any further. It was even better that way, he thought.  He was saved by the bell. It was a good thing that his wife came in quickly. But even with that, he still has broken the number one rule of their marriage, “To have eyes for your partner and your partner only”
What will you do in Ruby’s shoes if you were lucky to marry the first person you ever dated and just few months after your wedding, irrespective of the love he has for you, you find him cheating on you? 
She loves her husband, but to see him avail himself to this, she just couldn’t live with it. She gave up because the only option she could think of was to leave, that was her only option.
Ruby didn’t say anything more, Pee on the other hand was just stunned by the whole thing, not even a reasonable word could come out from his mouth. He was ashamed and feared the consequence of his actions which obviously will be losing his wife, the only lady he ever loved. Pee had never seen such sadness in Ruby’s eyes ever since he met her. He knew from all indications that he had really hurt her so much. Ruby left them both, went into the bedroom and began packing her stuff. 
Philo knew the implications of what she did and was happy about it. She just sneaked out into her room as soon as Ruby left to pack her belongings, while Pee stood there without knowing what to do or how to explain everything to his wife. 
Ruby came back to the sitting room where Pee was still seated with his face buried in his palms in shame and guilt. She came along with her belongings ready to go. Just as and when Pee saw her, he quickly ran towards and knelt down before her.
“Baby, please it’s not what you think, I can explain.” Pee said trying to look for any possible explanation to give to his wife but Ruby had already made up her mind. 
‘I can explain, it’s not what you think’ that’s the statement everyman makes when you catch them in the act. There is always an explanation for that. 
“Men, that’s always your national anthem. I’m done with you. How can you do this to me?   Ruby said with her eyes filled with tears yet Pee kept holding on to her legs while kneeling. 
“Ruby, nothing happened. Please.” Pee said. He didn’t even know what was coming out of his mouth.  To Ruby, even after seeing him in the act, he still had the guts to tell her ‘nothing happened’.  That was just too much for Ruby to take. 
“You can tell that to our matrimonial bed, but as from this day, we are done. I’m leaving this house.” Ruby said, she then removed her wedding ring, threw it at his face and pushed him away.
The more she tried to walk pass Pee, the more Pee held her close, Ruby followed her instincts and gave Pee a slap. 
“How could you do such a thing to me? I love you PEE. I wanted to build my future with you but look how you repay my good motives. You men are all the same.” Ruby said and finally left Pee. It seems it’s all over.  Everything was happening so fast like a dream. Pee was happily married, had a spectacular wedding, a magical honeymoon and within a twinkle of an eye, Ruby had left Pee all alone with his mother and Philo. The only one left to look out for Pee was Kwasimaa. 
Pee stood there wondering if his marriage was really over.
“Does this mean that my marriage is over? I didn’t cheat on her??! it was just……….hmm I need to do something, I love my wife and I won’t give up on her like that.” Pee said. 
It’s been a week now since Ruby left. Pee spent hours each and every day looking for his wife’s whereabout yet to no avail. He never met eye to eye with his mother and Philo when Ruby left home. He became very cold towards them but that was not their business. Pee’s mother was just happy that Ruby was no more in the house. 
It was on this occasion that Pee’s mother wanted to find out what really caused the break up. Kwasimaa was doing her morning chores when she heard Pee’s mother entering with Philo. She quickly hid behind the sofa. 
They appeared to be making a mockery out of the whole situation. Kwasimaa just hid behind the sofa to listen to whatever they were talking about. 
“I told you, I will succeed in getting that witch out of this house.  It was only just a matter of time.” Philo said. 
“For a while I thought you couldn’t do it.” Pee’s mother replied. 
Kwasimaa was listening to every bit of what they were saying. It looked as if Pee’s mother and Philo planned everything and now they have succeeded in getting Ruby out of the house. 
“That was just stage one and now that she is gone, very soon I will be the mistress of the house.” Philo said. 
“That’s my girl; you have proven that you are the right person for my son. But how do you intend to win my son over, I know he still has deep feelings for that witch.” Pee’s mother said” Anyway, this calls for a celebration. Come on, let me take you out.” She continued. 
They both left with laughter to celebrate their accomplishment. Kwasimaa then came out of her hiding place, very surprised about what she just heard. She wasn’t ready to keep it to herself, she quickly run off to tell her master, Pee. 
To be Continued.   
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