Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 157


Days flew by as we made arrangements for a very huge birthday party. We wanted a kind of an outdoor event but our grandparents thinks their  garden is big enough for a party and for the first time mum agreed with them leaving us with no choice than to move the event down there. And then we spent the rest of the week inviting all our friends, my co-workers were not left out.
On Sunday, pamela, Damian and Ricky. Paid us a surprised visit. Well it was a really pleasant surprise because mum just went to see her parents, they’ve been getting along lately.
Sophia: good thing you guys came, Lucas was gonna bore me to death.
Ricky: hahaha am glad! Am not the only one who thinks you are boring! What do you think Damian?
Damian: i think he’s boring too he said chuckling.
Ricky: pamela??
Pamela: Lucas isn’t boring!!
Me: thank you!!
Pamela: your welcome she said with a smile.
Sophia: hahah seriously your gonna take his side.
Pamela: of course he is my brother she said with a smile.
Me: and she is my kid sis, while Sophia looked a bit stunned.
Sophia: what about Damian and Ricky.
Pamela: can i tell you a secret?
Sophia: tell me.
Pamela: they were adopted!
Me: hahahhaha
Pamela!! They both chorused.
Sophia: she couldn’t hold her laughter anymore.
Ricky: is that a play station.
Sophia: that’s right she said smiling.
Ricky: come on who’s on? I wanna kick some butt.
Sophia: your on she said with a smile.
Ricky: hahaha just because you are a lady am gonna have to go easy on you he said with a big grin.
They grabbed the pad, as their character stood ready for battle.
Ricky: come get me he said smiling.
Me: hahah you are so dead! Like a lightening Sophia gave him series of combo, until his character drop dead.
Ricky: huuuh!
Pamela: yeeeaaah!!
Damian: a lady beating you on a video game, hahah that’s hilarious.
Ricky: am gonna have my revenge he said as they got ready for another fight. He tried so hard but lost again.
Damian: allow me show you how to beat a lady he said smiling. He was yet to move when Sophia’s character pounced him. He dropped his control as he began to to tickle her.
Sophia: hahahaha stop it!!!
Damian: like a lightening he got back to his control knocking Sophia’s character down.
Sophia: hahha you cheated!!
Pamela: hahaha you are a big cheat. Now am gonna have to be the referee. There will be rules of course.
Damian: we don’t want a referee at least not you.
Pamela: say that one more time she said walking towards Damian.
Damian: i said we don’t…..aaaaaawww!!! Ook ok! Just stop biting me!!!!
Pamela: she wiped her lips with the back of her palm as Damian grabbed his arm. Anymore objections?? She asked with a smile. Losers would empty a whole jar of water!!
Ricky: huuh!! That’s not fair!
Damian: and winners??
Pamela: chicken pizza, don’t even think of cheating otherwise, you would be drinking 2 jars of water.
Lets go!!! She said as she quickly placed an order for pizza. No matter how hard he tried he lost to Sophia.
Pamela: quickly got a jar of cold water from the fridge.
Drink! Drink! Drink! We all chanted as he emptied it.
Damian: my turn! He grabbed the pad, after losing miserably. Pamela had him empty a jar of water.
Sophia: where’s my pizza??
Pamela: on it’s way.
She went another round with Ricky who over powered her character this time.
Sophia: the water is just for the guys right??
Pamela: for everyone she said with a grin. Sophia was about running away when Ricky grabbed her.
Ricky: hahha not so fast!
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Sophia: alright alright!! Am gonna drink, she tried her best to empty the whole jar of water, as her tummy filled up. I give up she said raising her right hand.
Me: hahahah i think she needs another jar of that water.
Ricky: everyone drank a jar of water except for Lucas!! Pamela don’t you think Lucas should have a taste of your wonderful water.
Pamela: smiling hmmm you are so right, am coming she said walking to the fridge.
Me: huuuh! I wasn’t involved in the game.
Pamela: shhhhh….it’s a gift of love

Me: there is no way am gonna drink that.
Sophia: hahaha yeah it good for your health too.
Pamela: Ricky hold him!!
Me: wait! Alright am gonna drink it, but you have to drink your’s first.
Damian: that’s right, have a taste of your wine.
Pamela: am not thirsty she said smiling.
Drink! Drink!! Like a lightening she dropped the jar of water and ran upstairs.
Pamela: hahahhaa am never gonna drink that, #tongue out!
Just then the bell ranged, as we quickly receive the pizza she ordered.
Ricky: and you don’t get to eat your pizza too, #tongue out.
Pamela: mummy!! She said sitting on the floor like was gonna cry.
To be continued…….