Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 156


Milano: he stared at her speechlessly like a sculpture. Thank you Mirabel.
Mirabel: like i said Milano am only doing this for my kids.
Vanessa: if you don’t mind me asking.
Mirabel: yes please.
Vanessa: you keep using the plural form of kids, i know it’s not a mistake. I thought Lucas is your only child.
Mirabel: smiling he was my only child. I gave birthday to a set of twins. Your friend did a really good job in stealing away my baby. A few months ago, i found out Sophia right here was the baby your friend took away from me.
Milano: by my friend you mean Charles??
Mirabel: exactly!
Milano: whoa! how is it he kept it all to himself he wondered.
Right now their parents were calm about this new development, but the kids weren’t they all rushed over to Sophia.
Pamela: you are my sister!!! She said hugging her.
Sophia: your elder sis she said with a smile.
Ricky: whoa!! This sure feel weird he said smiling, now i know why you never liked me, thank God have got a date.
Sophia: it sure is Ricky.
Damian: woow another baby sis he said with a smile, hugging her.
Sophia: she only smiled
Damian: looks like you are way cooler than someone i know he said looking sideways.
Pamela: Damian!!! She yelled.
Damian: i wasn’t talking to you.
We all went upstairs so our parents could have a wonderful chat. Damian, Ricky and Sophia seem to be having a great convo.
Pamela: i missed you Lucas she said resting on my shoulders.
Me: that’s sweet i said smiling.
Pamela: you know what i miss the most?
Me: tell me.
Pamela: she poked my arm a bit.
Me: aaaw what was that for??
Pamela: hahahah.
Ricky: Pamela now you have your Lucas all to yourself he said smiling.
Damian: yeah someone isn’t gonna cry when they see your picture anymore.
Me: hahahah i guess that’s you i said with a smile.
Pamela: i missed you, i couldn’t help it.
Me: aaawww cry baby
Pamela: don’t call me that!
Me: or you’d do what cry baby do
Pamela: you know what i’d do to you she said standing, as she stared at my dislocated arm like she was gonna grab it.
Me: don’t even come close to me!
Pamela: or you do what she said with a smile.
Me: am gonna kill you if you do!
Pamela: hahaha when am done with you you’d never call me a cry baby ever again. She said walking towards.
Me: moving backwards, alright alright am sorry i said.
Pamela: that won’t do she said smiling.
Me: like a lightening i ran away yelling help!! As she ran after me.
Ricky: Pamela don’t hurt him ok!!!
Pamela: i’ll think about that she yelled!
We both ran out of the house in the garden.
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Me: i already said am sorry!!!
Pamela: alright i just wanna hit it a little she said grinning.
Me: it’s gonna hurt.
Pamela: i don’t believe you she said grinning.
Milano seized the opportunity to apologize deeply to Mirabel who forgave him without hesitating. Soon she was about leaving because she had things to attend to at the office. She walked to the garden to see Lucas and Pamela talking.
Mirabel: Lucas i’d be leaving now are you coming?
Me: i stared at Pamela who tightened her fist like she was gonna hit my arm if i say yes. No mum, we’d be home later.
Mirabel: alright then.
After talking for awhile she was gonna show me her pictures, which i’d have declined but then i wasn’t ready to get a hit on my arm. We hanged around for a while longer and left having lunch..
Our birthday was closing in really fast, when we got home, we decided to plan towards it. Since i lost my phone Sophia was gonna call Mr Keith.

Sophia: hello this is Sophia speaking.


Keith: ok?


Sophia: Mr lucas had an accident, but that wouldn’t stop him from celebrating his birthday on Monday.


Keith: i hope it’s nothing serious?


Sophia: he broke just an arm, in regards to that, have made a special reservation, for you and our partner. I hope you’re gonna make it to the party.


Keith: yes!!! He yelled in his head. Of course i will.


Sophia: well it took me a really long time convincing her to come, it’s gonna be a date.

She wouldn’t want to be disappointed.

Keith: i’ll be there.

To be continued…..