Passion and Power – Tuesday(22/11/16)



In today’s episode,
Nina goes to see Julia in her house and she slaps her for stealing her husband from him and Julia tells her that if she were her she wouldn’t have gotten the idea of confronting her husband’s supposed mistress for anything but rather solve her problem with her husband. Nina then asks her to tell her the truth if she actually doesn’t love Arturo and seriously, she explains things from how she met Arturo and why she broke up with him to the present situation that is causing their family to fall apart. After, she asks her to go settle things with Arturo because she hasn’t given him any reason for him to divorce her. Nina fails to believe her and Julia thinks she can choose to believe it or not that is up to her because she’s told the whole truth to Eladio.
The hearing is on and the court asks the witness if Erick was the one he saw arguing with Montserrat at the balcony and Mr. Tippiah says NO Erick isn’t the one and the police say he is going to be punished for lying under oath and he still says, Erick isn’t the one and the police becomes so disappointed and the Court therefore frees Erick.
Regina tells Jorge that she’s broken her relationship with David and this time there is no turning back and it seems Jorge looks so pleased with the news and he quickly proposes to her but Regina says David will forever be the love of her life and no one can replace him but he can only be her friend.
Marintia lacks finance since she hasn’t gotten any job due to her pregnancy and Caridad accepts to give her pay Cheque to help cater for herself and Marintia looks very appreciative.
Miguel continues to shower Consuelo with gifts and this always draws her closer to him causing them ones again to kiss.
Clara looks so worried that Luisita will not accept her as her mother but Justino asks her not to worry because he knows perfectly well that Luisita will accept her because she loves her so much. Justino then goes to bring Luisita and asks her if she will love it if Clara becomes a second mother to her and looking so happy she accepts it stating that she wants to have a mother and a father just like that of her friends in school and the three of them look so happy especially Clara.
Augustin confronts Arturo on why he has to bribe Tappiah to make a false testimony to free his son because when they find out, Erick’s situation can be worse but Arturo thinks he needed to do that to save his son. Augustin thinks he can’t imagine what Arturo has turned into at all.
Humberto calls Arturo to let him know that, Eladio has left the house for Julia and therefore he can come over any time he wants to see Julia and also he is not to worry about Regina and David’s separation because they are still young and they will definitely find another partner for themselves.
Eladio arrives in his hotel, looks at Julia’s picture and says, he is going to do everything possible to win her back to prove how much he loves her.
Erick pays a visit to Consuelo and unfortunately, he bumps into Miguel there and becomes so angry and sarcastic asking Miguel to kick the fool Miguel out of the room but he wouldn’t have but Consuelo pleads with Miguel to leave. Consuelo then says she doesn’t love him anymore and therefore still wants the divorce. Erick wants to give her the divorce but will make sure to get custody of his son but Consuelo says that will be impossible.
Arturo arrives in Eladio’s house and Humberto meets him to coach him to do everything perfect since that is his only chance and quickly, Julia arrives and Arturo steals a kiss from her as fast as possible and she tries pushing him off but Arturo even suffocates her more with the kissing and she pushes him off and warns him not to come closer to her again and not show himself closer to her again and should ask his wife not to come there again.
After Nina told funny about Arturo kissing Julia, she asks her to call her lawyer to make him understand and use that to get a divorce for her. After, Nina called the lawyer, it seems he assured her of going to use that infidelity to have the divorce and get whatever share of property from him and Funny thinks that is great news.
 Augustin goes to speak with Consuelo and Erick to come to a compromise and let the child have peace between his parents but Erick thinks the child has to be with him because Consuelo can’t be a good mother.
Franco and Gabby move into their new apartment and Caridad arrives to give them a gift of the crucifixion cross to help protect them in all their lives.
Erick comes to meet his mum and dad arguing about Julia and he tells him to warn Miguel to stay away from Consuelo and so Arturo goes to do so and asks Miguel to stay off but he refuses stay off and Arturo says he has to think things over because he doesn’t want him to end up like him.  
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