Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 158


We all ate the pizza smiling as we stared at pamela.
Pamela: thats my pizza!! She yelled.
Ricky: come get it he said with a smile.
Pamela: fine! Perhaps am gonna tell dad you used his credit without his permission.
Ricky: i thought that was our secret.
Pamela: not anymore! #tongue out.
Ricky: i think you guys should return her pizza.
No way we all chorused, this is delicious.
Pamela: aaaaarrrghhh!! She said placing her right palm on her forehead, that’s right, have had enough!! Am gonna have to kill someone. She said walking down angrily. Like a lightening we shared the pizza before running away.
Pamela: she met an empty pizza pack. Right now she felt like killing someone as she ran after them.
We had a fun filled day, they all decided to past the night in here. While Ricky came up with the idea of having house party in the morning. Which we all declined, soon it was dark.

Pamela: i guess i’d have to cook you guys dinner since there’s no cook in here.


Huuuh!! We all chorused looking surprise, who would  ever think pamela would ever want to cook dinner for anybody.


Ricky: that’s really sweet of you but no!!


Sophia: uhmm yeah on a 2nd thought that won’t be a bad idea you know.


Damian: just give it a trial girl he said smiling


Ricky: i actually feel like eating out.


Me: alright i think it’s gonna be really nice eating a meal you prepared.


Pamela: smiling aaaawww, she walked into the kitchen to prepare something.


Rickt: well i know, you all know pamela, but trust me when i say your gonna regret this, he said with a smile before going to get dinner from a restaurant.
We waited for a while and soon dinner was served by pamela.


Pamela: smiling ,guys is time to eat she said as we all hurried over to dinning taking our seat.


Damian: woow you are being useful for the first time he said with a smile.

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Sophia: uhmm what’s the name of the meal.


Pamela: does that matter?? let’s eat she said smiling.


Me: did you cook the fresh chicken you took from the refrigerator.


Pamela: i only rubbed spices on it, come on! eat up, your gonna love it.


We all smiled as we had a taste of the reddish soup, it was so spicy, peperish and tasted really weird. We felt like our tongue lit up, we took out our tongues trying to cool it by blowing air with our palm.


Pamela: what’s wrong she asked staring at us.


Me: did you taste it while cooking? I said emptying a glass of water.


Pamela: nope


Damian: i think you should he said smiling a bit as we all stared at her.


Pamela: hahah you want me to eat it right?? She grabbed her spoon, dipped it into the soup, moving it close to her mouth like was gonna drink it. Uhmm i don’t think am hungry.


Sophia: huuh you can’t even taste it?? She asked looking surprised.


Pamela: that’s because i didn’t cook it.


Me: then why is it hot?


Pamela: i only steamed the water and then added my spices she said with a smile.
Just then Ricky walked in yelling, who want’s a real dinner!!


Pamela: me!!! She said standing.


Sophia: uh-uh not so fast girl.


Me: sit!! I said as she sat down a bit surprised.


Sophia: after preparing a wonderful meal, you do the dishes!!.


Me: you know what to do i said pointing at the dishes.


Damian: was about chuckling, he tried so much to hold it in, which didn’t seem possible, he had to feign coughs


Pamela: am hungry!! Plus i don’t do dishes.


Damian: there’s always a first time for everything.


Ricky: why isn’t anyone coming??


Pamela: Because they are gonna make me do the dishes.


Ricky: staring at the dinner, let me guess, steamed water and uncooked chicken with lost of flavors, he said bursting into laughter.


Damian: it’s not funny!


Ricky: yeah i know but i hate to say, i told you so. And pamela you should clean your trash up you know. Am starving he said leaving.


We quickly joined him, to have a wonderful lunch while pamela cleaned the dishes. She was out too with a long face to have her dinner.


Me: you must be so hungry.

Pamela: of course i am.

Me: maybe next time you are asked to make a meal you’d ask for help.


Pamela: my cooking was great she said giving everyone a tongue out. We chuckled as she pounced on her food. Afterward’s she showed us snapshots she took when we tasted her weird cooking, with our faces looking really weird.


Pamela!!! We all screamed


Pamela: Yeah that’s right, you know i could post this right now she said smiling.


Sophia: you wouldn’t……Damian and i quickly held her mouth.


She would we both chorused.


Ricky: hahahha she just so bad he said giggling. And then We talked for a while before falling asleep on the couch.

To be continued……..