Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 155


We both ran to our room fighting back our laughter’s.
Me: hahaha you are evil you know that right.
Sophia: i would want to say the same about you she said almost hitting my dislocated arm.
Me: don’t even try it!! I warned her moving my arm away.
Sophia: oops my bad! I totally forgot.
Me: you should get your bags ready you know mum might wanna be a bit stubborn.
Sophia: that’s right she said before leaving for her room.
The night was a really long one for Mirabel, no matter how she thought about it, she only wanted to deal with Milano. But considering what her children said, they could be bluffing a voice quickly countered in her head.
It’s a beautiful morning Sophia and i were up already as we walked down to the living room, waiting to hear mum’s decisive. Just then she walked down.
Mirabel; hmmm looks like you guys had a wonderful night she said with a smile.
Me: kinda.
Mirabel: and why are you down here so early?
Sophia: have you forgotten??
Mirabel: what exactly are you talking about?
Sophia: the discussion we had?? She asked looking confused.
Mirabel: you know i was so tired yesterday, could you remind me what we talked about?
Me: great now she’s gonna pretend she don’t remember i thought.
Sophia: we talked about you settling your differences with dad mum!
Mirabel: there’s no way that’s gonna happen.
Me: then we’d have to leave mum.
Mirabel: alright then have a nice trip.
Sophia: huuuh this definitely isn’t going as plan.
Mirabel: Milano’s trial is tomorrow, even if you leave, you cant help him. She said with a smile.
Me: fine just don’t get surprise when we stand as witness in front of the court tomorrow.
Mirabel: what?
Me: you know with me testifying against you, it’s a case close. Let’s go Sophia!
Mirabel: alright alright fine i’ll drop all charges.
Me: and??
Mirabel: that’s all
Sophia: you know we could pay him a visit after his released.
Mirabel: no way!!
Sophia: Lucas i think we should just go!
Mirabel: alright!!! She yelled i’ll do as you say just stop saying that!
Like a lightening we both hugged her, she contacted a few persons in regard to Milano’s release.
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Mirabel: i think you should go get ready, your dad is on his way home.
We all did our morning hygiene after hours of preparation, we were all ready to leave. We got into mum’s limo, as the driver zoomed off.
He was so relieved to hear that all charges has been dropped. He called his driver who picked him up immediately. It was like a morning of surprise for everybody when he walked him. His kids were really happy he was finally free, while Vanessa just gave a little smile before walking away. He apologized over and over again before her pretty face light up with smiles. He washed up, as they all had a wonderful breakfast together.
A few minutes after breakfast the door bell ranged, as Damian quickly opened the door.

Damian: Lucas!!! He yelled in shock, you are alive!! He said giving him a hug avoiding his arm. 

Good morning ma’am, he quickly greeted Lucas’ mum as he moved away for them to walk in.

By now everyone was seated in the living room, the shocked expression on their faces when they saw Lucas was indescribable. Milano was even more shock, to see Mirabel in his house.


Pamela: Lucas!!!!! She yelled!! As she ran towards me.


Me: i took a few step backwards as i tried dragging her attention to my arm. She wasn’t gonna listen, she jumped on me crushing my arm real bad. The pains i felt was enough to drive anyone crazy. Aaaaaw!!!!!! I scream like i was falling of the cliff as she quickly retreated.


Pamela: aaaw so sorry she said with a smile. Then she hugged Sophia, before saying her greetings to Mirabel. Ricky did likewise before we took our seat.


Milano: he wasn’t even sure of what to say to her.


Vanessa: you must be Mirabel she said with a smile.


Mirabel: that’s correct, she said smiling, i guess you are??


Vanessa: Vanessa she said smiling.


Mirabel: i know you must be wondering why am here. Well am only doing this for my kids, they wanted you to be free, i had to see that you are released, after they threatened to leave home. Have spoken to James too, you can have you company back when ever you want.


Milano: and the shares you bought? He asked in shock.


Mirabel: you can keep them.

To be continued……….