Road to Destiny – Tuesday(22-11-16)



In today’s episode, 
Luis meets Carlos on the way and goes after him to get the documents but he wants to have him dead without mercy and this ends up in a drastic car race but Carlos does well to escape Luis and he loses track of him. He calls Aldoniaz to inform him about their success and he is told to come back home since his mum is seriously sick. Luis knew definitely well Carlos will go home no matter what and so he meets him home right after Carlos arrive and it turns into a huge argument and he begs him to give him back those documents since it will only ruin him but Carlos doesn’t care. Fernanda, Pedro and Amelia arrive and Carlos begs Pedro to watch his car for him and not let Luis go close to it to get the documents whiles he goes to check on his mum and Pedro is sure of doing that perfectly. 
Luis pleads with Fernanda to beg for him because those documents will ruin him and send him to jail and he tries going to get the documents but Pedro warns him not to try unless of course he wishes to lose those same hands of his and Luis pulled back. Fernanda then says she isn’t interested in talking to him and so she also asks her father to tighten the security whiles she joins Carlos to look after Marissa.
Carlos encourages his mum to get well for him because she is all he has to get going in life and Marissa promises to be strong for him.
Luis arrives home and he calls to get plane tickets to leave for twain that very moment but they all disappoint him stating that, they have no tickets available and he goes mad. Quickly, Solorzano arrives and he attack him for failing him and not being able to kill Carlos and Solorzano asks him not to blame him because whatsoever the outcome has be, he has to face the consequences and Luis thinks if so then he will kill him and Solorzano asks him to calm down.
Aldoniaz takes the documents to the judge the next day and he asks them to be in a hurry because he can tell that Luis by now will be at the airport trying to escape his crime. In the same vein, Luis actually was at the airport and after checking in, he counts his stars blessed and he calls Fernanda to tell her that no matter what he is going to win her love because he has a necklace he’s bought for her but Fernanda asks him to stay away from her for good but he still has hope and looks so happy but to his surprise, the police arrive to arrest him and he is taken to prison.
Aldoniaz arrive to give the good news to Carlos about Luis’ arrest and he looks so happy. He then goes to tell Marissa and Fernanda about the news but Fernanda never took it happily and Carlos asks why she seems to be in a bad mood about the news and she tells him that she knows how prison is because she’s been there before and knows how the place is. She tells him she feels something strange about the whole thing though she knows she has to be happy but she is not and Carlos thinks that is affection and Fernanda says she only pities him but she can never love him. 
Luis asks himself so many questions if he’s even going to be able to survive in that place as when it seems he was going to have everything things turned for the worse but the only thing that keeps him going is to think of his daughter. In all this thought, he had the necklace he bought for Fernanda rap around his hand and he tries imagining the future with Amelia but now he’s lost her to Pedro and this causes him to cry all the tears in the world.
Leopoldo quickly arrive to ask her to cry all his eyes out and ask for forgiveness from all the people who loved him but due to his wickedness they are locked up also in prison and he shouldn’t also forget to ask forgiveness from him too but Luis says to him that will be over his dead body and Leopoldo warns him not try asking because in prison death is always at the corner and Luis says he isn’t afraid of his own death.
Leopoldo tells him he even doesn’t deserve to be there and Luis says he deserves it because he took away the love of his life Andrea and that is why he incriminated him of fraud to end him there but Leopoldo thinks he only did the right thing and he never approved of it because he has always loved playing the victim as he is a coward.
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