Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 154


After a wonderful chat with grandpa, we were ready to leave. Only this time grandma wasn’t going with us. We left after saying our good byes with happy faces.
Me; it’s really nice seeing our grandparents together you know.
Sophia: yeah she said with a smile.
Me: seeing grandpa alone in a house as huge as his, am sure he must be feeling so lonely.
Sophia: were you worried about him??
Me: am actually worried about mum you know, i really wish our parents could settle their differences.
Sophia: me too, you know what i think?
Me: tell me
Sophia: i think it’s better we talk to mum about it
Lucas: there’s no way mum is gonna listen to anything we say.
Sophia: not if we leave her with no choice she said with a grin.
Me: what exactly do you have in mind?
Sophia: in just a few days i realized mum would do just anything for her children which means us!
Me: ok??
Sophia: all we have to do is to leave the house perhaps go see Ricky, am sure she gonna come looking for us.
Me: whoa!! That’s way too extreme,,,,,,,,wait a minute, that could actually work i said after thinking for a while.
Sophia: uh-huh she said with a smile.
Me: that’s a perfect idea!!
Sophia: that’s right, you should call me big sis often because am way smarter than you!
 Me : Yeah right 
We got home, after resting for really long time, Sophia came up with another idea of preparing a wonderful dinner for mum.
Sophia: this could be a really wonderful family dinner or goodbye meal!!
Me: hmmm great idea, i was really impressed, so i helped her a bit in the kitchen and in less than no time. The table was set.
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After a long day she was back home to rest, she walked into the living room. Where she got a really warm welcome from her kids.


Mirabel: you guy’s look really happy today.


Sophia: smiling dinner is ready too, all you have to do is go upstairs and change.


Mirabel: woow what are we celebrating?? She was beginning to ask too many question we both walked to where she stood, grabbing her arm as we led her to the stairs. 
Just go get ready for dinner we chorused!

Mirabel: ok ok ok…fine! Am going already, she said staring at us a bit surprised.

We took our seat in the dinning as we waited for mum to join us. Sophia was so concentrated on her smart phone. That was when it dawned on me i lost mine at the party. Soon mum joined us with smiles on her face.

Mirabel: who prepared this??


Sophia: i did she said with a smile.


Me: with my help of course.


Mirabel: woow this is gonna be delicious she said as we all began to eat. She knew deep down her kids were up to something again. They were close, but when ever they start working together? Then you just have to be careful.

After the wonderful meal i helped Sophia as much as i could with the dishes. In less than no time, we were done. We took our seat next to mum.

Mirabel: seeing the looks on their faces. What now?? She asked


Me: dad has been arrested


Mirabel: ok??


Me: i know you got him arrested mum, am not guessing because i saw the document and of course James Forbes who you made the CEO of MJ.


Mirabel: great you now spy on me right?


Sophia: mum we want you to have a peace talk with dad.


Mirabel: scoffs, is this some sort of joke?


Me: it’s no joke mum!


Sophia: you can’t live your future in the past mum, it’s time to let go.


Mirabel: there’s no way am ever gonna forgive Milano not now, not ever!


Sophia: vengeance and love are both buried in feelings, that doesn’t mean they are the same mum. You can’t have both.


Mirabel: i won’t have you both telling me what to do, the last time i checked it’s my business not yours.


Me: i know it’s hard mum but it’s time for you to feel the love of real family, you know we’d always be there for you.


Mirabel: am not having this discussion anymore!


Sophia: you’ve made your choice mum, it’s revenge you want. You leave us with no choice, first thing in the morning we are leaving.


Mirabel: what?? This is about Milano right. What about me?? She said looking a bit sad.


Sophia: there is no you mum, it’s only us! She said and as we stood up to leave.


Mirabel: wait a minute! Can i at least think about it.


Me: smiling of course mum,  you have all night.


Goodnight mum! We both said before leaving.

To be continued…..