Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 153


The news Micheal just heard made him smile uncontrollably.
Dera: no matter how long she stared she just couldn’t figure out the source of his happiness, well that is none of her business she thought.
Micheal: back to you! Tell me about your relationship with Lucas.
Dera: i can’t start telling how much i love him because i really don’t think you’d understand. Lucas is my life, right now am really not scared of dying.
Micheal: he smiled within himself, hmm you sound pretty brave, i’ll leave you to eat your food now.

I really missed sleeping on my wonderful bed, i slept so well. And then mum came by to remind me we had to be at the hospital. I got ready as the driver took us there. After a close examination, the doctor said it was just a severe dislocation. My arm was covered with bandages and hung on my neck with the blue support bag. And then we were out of the hospital, i was taken home before mum left for the office. I was at home all day with Sophia and grandma who were so curious to know how i survived. After narrating the whole event, Sophia was so shocked to know the psychic saved me. We sat on the couch watching movies until it was almost mid-day when grandpa payed us a surprise


Micheal: Lucas he called out in excitement.


Me: i let out a warm smile.


Micheal: am really glad you are ok, thankfully you broke just an arm
he said smiling.


Me: hahahah yeah, i thought you didn’t make it out.


Micheal: i had the same thought about you.


Me: i got help at the right time.


Micheal: i thought you ran away with her?


Me: some strange man snatched her away, taking her up to the roof.


Micheal: am glad you are ok.

Me: speaking of Dera do you think she’s ok??

Micheal: now that you are alive i think she’s gonna be fine, he said with a smile.


Me: i don’t understand.


Micheal: are you free??


Me: yes why ask?


Micheal: i have something to show you.


Me: hmmm i hope it’s not another party i said with a smile.


Harley: we are coming along too she said with a smile.


We all drove down to grandpa’s house, just when we walked in.


Micheal: open that door he said pointing at the guest room.

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Me: i walked slowly to the door, unlocking it as i threw the door open. Dera!!! I yelled in total shock.


Dera: that voice!! She turned immediately to see Lucas, she stood there staring at him as tears gathered up in her eyes, she wasn’t sure of what to do. She wanted to hug me so badly! Owing to the fact that he might be pissed, she rather watched his reaction for a while.


Me: gradually the shock on my face was replaced by smiles, just then she ran really quick hugging really hard, avoiding my injured arm.


Dera: am really sorry Lucas she said like she was gonna burst into tears.


Me: shhh……don’t ruin the moment i said with a smile. Just then she caught my lips with hers, excitedly.


Micheal: coughing. And that’s when we  realized they were watching.


Me: smiling as i looked at grandpa, what is she doing here i asked a bit confused, Dera not wanting to let go still held unto me.


Micheal: you wanna know the truth.


Me: yup.


Micheal: i was gonna make them pay.


Harley: Micheal!!


Me: them??


Micheal: her dad and her partner.


Me: i turned to Dera, your dad is alive??


Dera: yes he was the one who pulled me out of the building that night.


Me: wooow, well i hope you’ve learnt your lesson i said smiling a bit. So grandpa where are they?


Micheal: he instructed his boys to bring them here, as they did immediately.


Me: seeing schwartz who was badly beaten, i quickly looked away, the sight of blood still got me irritated.


Vahn: i know you from somewhere.


Me: yeah you do.


All misunderstanding was cleared, vahn took Dera home, while Schwartz was gonna be treated. He was gonna be free, after grandpa talks to his colleagues. We stayed for a while and then Sophia seized the opportunity to remind everyone our birthday was coming up next week Monday.


Micheal: woow am sure it gonna be a huge celebration he said with a smile.


Me: speaking of birthday, we haven’t arranged a date with mum for Keith, perhaps am just gonna invite him anyway.

To be continued……