Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 152


Mirabel: am sure she’d be more than glad to see you.
Me: am really hungry i said with a smile.
Mirabel: you ain’t going anywhere near my dinning looking like this.
Me: i know i’d go shower i said standing, although my body still ached, it wasn’t that bad.
Mirabel: are you sure you can take your bath? I mean we wouldn’t mind helping you, she said with a smile as grandma nodded.
Me: hahahah oh please am not handicap mum!
Mirabel: alright dinner would be ready soon, you should hurry.
just when i climbed the stairs to my room, Sophia tiptoed gently to the living room, when she heard mum talking.
Sophia: mum??
Mirabel: hahah why do you have those looks on?
Sophia: did you see Lucas too? She asked both women, as they nodded in unison.
Sophia: and???
Mirabel: Lucas is alive she said with a smile as Sophia hugged her excitedly.
Harley: hahahah you must be really scared of ghosts?
Sophia: very scared.
Harley: hahaha don’t worry you’d get used to it, just like your mum.
Sophia: huuh! You were scared of ghost too?
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Mirabel: mum! Well just a little
Harley: can i tell you a secret?
Sophia: yes please.
Harley: the first movie we saw together as family was a horror movie and that’s because it was Halloween night.
Mirabel: mum you shouldn’t be saying that you know.
Sophia: i wanna here it.
Harley: she pulled her closer, when the movie got all weird, she almost ran out of the cinema, when grandpa stopped, she cried like baby.
Sophia: hahahahha
Harley: afterwards she’d rather pee on herself then use the rest room.
Mirabel: it’s been a long time!!! She said as she walked quickly to the kitchen.
Sophia: she held her tummy as she laughed over and over after giving her grandma a hi-5.
I got to change into something better, before coming down for dinner, and everyone was seated
Sophia: she kept staring at her mum, with smiles on her face.
Me: woow i feel alive again, i said as my gaze met Sophia’s. I guess you should start running i said with a smile. Like a lightening she jumped on me in excitement. The pain i felt that moment was way more than i could bear, it seem like i was gonna pass out.
Aaaaaaaaawww!!!! I screamed moving backward.
Sophia: looking confused, whats wrong??
Me: i broke my right arm.
Sophia: ooh sorry she said with a smile as she lead him to his seat.
Mirabel: let’s eat she said.
Me: i can’t eat with my left arm i said smiling.
Harley: mamma has to feed you right?.
Me: smiling i wouldn’t want to stress my lovely mum. Sophia!! You know exactly what to do i said with a smile.
Sophia: why does it have to be me Lucas, that’s your mum and grandma you know.
Me: consider it your punishment for calling me a ghost.
Sophia: hahaha you should have seen yourself!! Omg!! I would have taken selfies with you, but i was way too scared.
Me: alright am really hungry!
We ate and talk, just then the door bell ranged.
Mirabel: it must be the doctor she said walking to the door. When a young man, walked in, he introduced himself as Richard an orthopedics. Soon i was done with my food, i walked to the living room for a brief check up and treatment.

It was nightfall already, he walked into the room where his hostages were kept. Not even a drop of water has been given to them. Dera was looking really weak now, for days she’s just had only breakfasts and now she was made to starve again.


Micheal: seem’s like your punishment is gonna be delayed. He snapped his finger as some men walked in, he ordered them to take Dera out, her father tried opposing but he was ignored. She was given a wonderful meal.


Dera: i guess you’re gonna poison me right?


Micheal: scoffs, why would i want to kill you so easily when i have a more painful way for you to die.


Dera: why are being nice?


Micheal: nice?? Hahah that’s funny you know, consider it as a favor from my grandson. So tell me what relationship do you have with Lucas, he asked. Just then his phone ranged, his wife was calling.


Harley: hello Micheal!


Micheal: hmm you sound really happy what’s the secret.


Harley: Lucas is alive!


Micheal: how is that possible he said as his countenance light up, while Dera stared at him, trying to find the reason behind his happiness.

To be continued…….