Good Sin Season 2 Episode 8 – “Heaven is Real” Finall Episode


She then wondered what happened to Dzifa for her to be in such critical condition.  She knew doing this would definitely affect her unborn child, but that didn’t stop her in anyway especially now that she knows Dzifa is her sister.  
Fortunately, before she could inform Jason about his brother’s wife condition, he gave Eva a reason to be happy by discharging her mother that very day without any cost. Eva wanted to show how much she appreciated Jason’s help, for she didn’t pay any hospital bill when her mother was admitted. 
Out of Joy, she couldn’t even inform him of Dzifa’s situation as she got distracted by her mother’s well being. She quickly left with her mother to the house of which right after they got there, she came back to the city with the aim of reaching out and helping her sister Dzifa. 
She noticed her door has been tempered with as soon as she got home but completely ignored it as she was in a hurry to freshen up and attend to Dzifa. As she entered her apartment, she locked the door behind her and quickly gave Patrick a call. 
“Hello Patrick, How is Dzifa, I just arrived.” Eva asked.
“Hmm, you really need to get here quick, where is Jason” He asked. That was when Eva realized she had forgotten that she was supposed to keep Jason informed. Just when he was about to answer him, she heard a strange noise in her apartment, it seemed she was not alone. 
“ermm which hospital are you now” Eva asked and hanged up as soon as Patrick gave her the hospital name. All she wanted to know was where they were at the moment. 
She wasn’t pleased with the fidgeting that was going on in her room but couldn’t figure out where it came from. Even with that, she was focused on getting to the hospital early enough to donate her blood to her sister. As it is now, Eva had completely forgotten about everything she went through with Dzifa. The hatred, the revenge and anger she felt for her had completely vanished into thin air, all she wanted was to make sure that Dzifa is alright. 
She quickly took her clothes off and got into the shower for a quick bath. Then suddenly, the noise came in again, she then had no option than to come out of the shower with towel wrapped around her chest to the thigh level.
“Who is there” She shouted, then went to the hall to check around. However upon getting there, she saw Ben sitting comfortably on her sofa. Eva got frightened upon seeing him. 
“I don’t understand why you will risk your life for someone who obviously hates you” Ben said looking very calm but it was obvious that there was anger behind his calmness. All this while, he had been listening to Eva’s conversation when she got home and as to how Ben got into her apartment was a question only he could have answers to. 
“What are you doing here Ben, You are not welcome here” Eva said to him. Ben made mockery of what Eva said then suddenly he stood up from where he was comfortably seated and went close to Eva. She began to shiver as he drew closer to her. He then bent his head down to Eva’s shoulders and smell her body. 
“mmmm so refreshing” Ben said. 
“That’s enough; get out of this place before I call the police” Eva said and pushed Ben away quickly. 
“Easy baby girl, is that the way to treat the father of your baby?”  He said. 
Time was elapsing and Patrick was getting worried because Eva had not yet showed up. He then goes ahead to call Eva on phone again. As soon the phone rang, Ben took the phone before Eva could get to it, then he hanged up and eventually switched the phone off. 
“What’s the meaning of that, I have to go, give me back my phone” Eva demanded.  To her surprise, Ben asked her to come for the phone, and just when she was reaching her hand out for it, he grabbed her by the waist and pushed her onto the sofa. The only thing that was covering Eva’s nakedness was her towel. Ben suddenly came on top of her and Eva began to scream, she used her nails to scratch Ben’s face and that even got him furious. Before Eva realized, Ben slapped her so hard that she started bleeding from her nostrils. 
Ben thought he had succeeded, then out of nowhere, the door to Eva’s apartment began banging heavily. A male voice came out shouting. 
“Open the door, Open the door now” Eva recognized that it was Jason’s voice. She immediately shouted out for help, before Ben could do anything again, Jason had succeeded in breaking the door and entered immediately. 
Ben got distracted when Jason pounced in on them, suddenly Eva picked up a jar that was close by and smashed it against his head leaving him unconscious. Ben lay motionless on the floor while Jason ran and covered Eva up. 
“Are you okey” Jason asked. All this while, inspired by love, he had followed Eva all through her journey to the city just to see where she stays. It was until he got to the city that Patrick called him to inform him of Dzifa’s condition. 
“Yeah, I am fine, I have to get to the hospital now” Eva said. 
“I know my dear.” Jason answered. He was right on time to her rescue. Jason was well connected. He made a call and in a short while, the police arrived and rushed him to the police hospital. 
Eva and Jason rushed to the hospital and just when they arrived, they met Patrick who was really looking very sad.  As soon as he saw Eva and Jason approaching, he was filled with tears. 
“How is she, Patrick” Eva desperately asked. 
“It’s too late, we even had a donor but …
.” Patrick was about breaking the news when all of sudden, the doctor in charge of Dzifa rushed back into her ward. He had already declared Dzifa dead even before Jason and Eva arrived. It was a only a miracle that her heart started beating and a nurse called the notice of the doctor. 
Patrick was as confused as the doctor himself, everything indicated that, Dzifa had already passed away but now it was not as he had examined, she was breathing normally and her heart rate was just fine. The doctor called in Patrick and then Eva and Jason followed. 
“Mr. I just can’t explained this, she is alive” the doctor said. Before Patrick could show off his joyful mood, there came a tiny voice, it was from Dzifa. 
“Patrick, my husband” Dzifa called. 
He quickly held her by her hand and looked straight into her eyes. Dzifa was really weak that you would have to strain your ears before you could hear her speak. 
“I just want to say something” Dzifa said.
“baby, please you should rest, you can say that later” Patrick advised. 
However Dzifa ignored him and began saying what she had wanted to say. 
“I’m sorry. I didn’t love you as a wife should, I treated you like an option but here you are, still caring and loving me. I am sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me. I am not asking that you take me back as your wife, but if you do, I will be the luckiest person to have you for a husband.” Dzifa said. 
That was the moment she came eye to eye with Eva. She all along didn’t know she was there. 
“Oh my God, Eva, you are here. I don’t deserve this from you, because I hated and blamed you for making me barren after the drink I took, but God’s knows best. I can’t even be a good mother if I should have a baby. Eva, my friend, please forgive me and lets be friends as we have always been” She said. 
Eva was shedding tears, she was full with words and tears that she didn’t even know what to say. She felt the sincerity in Dzifa’s words. 
“Hey you don’t need to say all this, I brought this upon you and I am sorry. But Dzifa, we can’t be friends, we are already sisters with the same mother, and yes, our mother is alive.” Eva reveled to the amazement of Jason and Patrick and especially Dzifa. 
The doctor had to make Patrick, Jason and Eva excuse Dzifa for further treatment. It was rather, unfortunate that their conversation had to end there. Eva however had the chance to inform Patrick and Jason how she found out that Dzifa was her sister. 
After a week, Dzifa was back on her feet and was discharge from the hospital. Everything seemed to be normal. Patrick had buried the past behind him and vowed to himself to love his wife as he has always done. Jason and Patrick were at the hospital to bring Dzifa home. 
Upon their arrival, Eva was already waiting for them at Patrick’s apartment. Just as Dzifa saw Eva, she hugged her. 
“Come, someone would like to meet you” Eva said to Dzifa. They then entered the living room and Dzifa came eye to eye with her mother.  She was stunned, so all this was true as Eva had told her back at the hospital. It was an emotional moment as she reconciled with her mother. With time Eva’s mother told Dzifa everything that led to their separation.
It’s been two weeks now since Eva and Dzifa reconciled. They were all living temporally  under the same roof with Patrick and Dzifa just to have a feel of the happy moments. 
Eva and Dzifa sat on the balcony while the guys (Patrick and Jason) sat that living room watching a football game. All this while, Eva’s mother was in her room asleep.  Dzifa was enjoying some cool juice with Eva while they kept talking about what they had both gone through with lives, then suddenly Eva asked an unexpected question. 
“Dzifa, why? One moment you were hard nut to crack and a pain in the ass, but all of a sudden, after your life and death situation at the hospital, everything changed” Eva said. 
“Yeah, you used the right words. Life and Death. I literally saw the big gap between Heaven and Hell. I saw it with my two eyes and now that I had the chance to come back on earth, I have to live a righteous life. Heaven is really real”  She answered. “Now I also have a question for you, I see Jason is interested you, you not give him a chance” Dzifa continued. 
Eva laughed about and answered him 
“Well, not that I have not noticed, let me tell you a secret” She said. Dzifa moved her head forward and Eva whispered into her ears. “He proposed to me and I accepted. We are planning to get married after I deliver the baby” Eva revealed. 
Meanwhile Ben was found guilty and was eventually jailed 16 years in prison. 
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