Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 148


She has been in her room for days without food and water, her eyes had really huge sacks like they were obviously denied of sleep. And reddish like a burning magma, all her dad
said to make her calm down were just not effective. This morning he decided to try something else, he prepared a wonderful breakfast. Walked into her room, she had the same pained expression on her face. Only this time she was looking a lot more messy
than her usual self. He hugged her over and over almost running out of soothing words. Nothing seem to be cheering her up.
Vahn: right! i know you’d rather have him here than me, am really sorry i interrupted. So please eat now i promise i’ll go far away from here you don’t have to see me any more and
you wont have to worry.
Dera: it’s not about you dad….it’s about him.
Vahn: no it’s about you, now you’re gonna starve yourself to death, just because of him!
Dera: i killed him dad don’t you get it. I knew his grandfather was Micheal but i wasn’t willing to stop!
Vahn: shhhh… killed no one my sweetheart he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Dera: i just can’t go on with the thought of him still hunting me dad.
Vahn: just take a bit, everything begins with courage Dera! Come on here! He said moving the spoon close to her mouth.
This time it was really hard resisting she has been starving. After eating, he made her wash up and changed into something better. She wanted to remain in her room. He knew that will only bring back all depressing feelings. He tried talking her into going out with him and letting GO of the past. Just then 2 small container fill with knock out gases were uncorked and tossed in through the window. As it filled the whole house.
Vahn: he inhaled a really funny smell, when he realized what it was a knock out gas. He quickly covered his nostrils. Dera who was so weak was easily taken out by the gas. He moved to the sitting room when some men walked in with a face mask.
The plan was easy he couldn’t fight with one hand on his nostrils. They launched 2 swift attacks , which he quickly waved off by with both hands as they attacked him aggressively. He tried holding his breath, but he was way out of oxygen.  All he had to do was inhale
the gas, and then he passed out. That was the last thing they all remembered.
They were tied next to Schwartz. Who was already beaten black and blue like a criminal who was gonna steal the entire planet.
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Micheal: wake them up!! He commanded as they emptied a bucket of water on them.
Their visions where a bit blurry, it took a while for their eyes to adapt to their present environment. Seeing the triad in front of them, very much ok was really a big shocker.
Vahn: eyes popped open as he quickly hid his shock.
Dera: Micheal was very much ok, perhaps Lucas might be fine too!
Where’s Lucas she asked with sad eyes not minding the angry look on their faces.
Micheal: you still have the guts to ask about my grandson??? Well you and your partner did a really great job by drowning our sole heirs.
Dera: i didn’t want him to die!! I loved him.
Micheal: you devil, how is it you are alive!! Huuuh?? She was about explaining herself when her dad gave her the keep quiet kinda stare. Explaining right now will do no good and he knows that.
Vahn: my daughter and i did nothing wrong to you, so i think its right you let us go.
Cornel: yeah you might be innocent, but your daughter here killed our children.
Vahn: it was all his idea!! He was only using her he said pointing at Schwartz.
Louis: that isn’t gonna bring our sons back, perhaps in the next life she’ll choose a better company.
Micheal: and as for you Vahn, you ain’t completely innocent. For giving birth to a she devil, you’d have to pay too.
Vahn: i won’t have you calling my daughter a devil, if you want someone to pay for your sons death. Am right here you can take me!
Micheal: that’s too quick!! I’ll see you in the evening. Prepare your
mind for endless pains!!
To be continue on Monday, watch out for our weekend story
Agony of Love…