Agony of Love ~Episode 4


It was the Sister on duty who had just mentioned my name to the House Mistress on duty who stood at the door way of the class demanding to know who just walked in, as apart of her duties she always went round even after dinning to ensure that no student was seen loitering around especially the unscrupulous ones who stay behind to do God knows what. She asked me why I was now coming for preps and I stood there speechless all I could mutter was “erm erm erm” it only took the intervention of the sister on duty who told her that she had left her books at the dorm and asked me to go for them since she had to supervise the others on time.
She finally released me and scolded the Sister for such a behavior and left. I didn’t need to be told of, I had learnt my lesson that fateful day and promised myself never to let that happen not after the way the Mistress scolded the Sister.
 I headed back to my seat but I couldn’t study much until prep was over. When I got back to my dormitory, I snacked on the biscuit and drink George gave me. I slept off and woke up to a bright Tuesday morning with thoughts of George on my mind. My prayer each day was that I would see George and this day was no exception.
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Whenever it was break time he would come and sit beside me and we would talk until break over. He always carried a snack with him so we both share. And for our evening meetings, we had a spot behind the volley ball court where we would usually sit and I would laugh at George’ s jokes because  he was a very funny guy. This friendship of ours grew more deeply and we became closer than ever, our secret meetings went on for awhile and I enjoyed it. Because of that, my school mom and I got into a very heated argument about me being friends with George and thus we were not on talking terms.
Though I enjoyed the company of George , I wasn’t learning as I used to and it reflected in my test and everyone knew it was obviously because of George. I had to sit up and make my family proud. One fateful Saturday I decided to dodge entertainment as usual to study. Unknown to me George had been following me and when I entered the class, he pounced on me from behind. 
“You really scared me” ,said
. ” why wouldn’t you be scared after coming here all alone” he replied
 ” I just need to” I remarked 
 ” why have you been avoiding me? He asked I couldn’t reply his question because I was in fact avoiding him just to save myself from shame.
I stood there silent and I could feel his breathe. ” Have I done anything to you” he continued. He drew me closer and looked straight into my eyes. Naa, please say something,  you know I love you so much and I don’t want to let you go.
 I was short of words, though it was obvious that we had feelings for each other, I was wondering if that was his way of proposing to me. ” look straight into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me and I will never bother you again. ” 
“you know I love you but this is too much, am now not doing good as I used to in class and everyone is blaming you for that” I finally replied in tears.
He hugged me and told me everything was going to be alright, he released me and held my chin and kissed me lightly on my lips. It felt warm and sweet because that was my first time. I couldn’t resist and he did it again, soon he had his hands all over my body and I couldn’t stop it as the kisses continued. Before I could say jack, he was unzipping his trousers. I knew I had to do something. 
I had heard rumors of girls loosing their virginity carelessly and getting pregnant and I didn’t want to be part of that category but I just didn’t know how to stop him. 
” please stop it” I pleaded gently. He wasn’t even listening to me.
He kept on kissing me, the more I tried to push him away the more he did it passionately. please stop it OK” I shouted this time and he stopped. 
” baby what’s wrong, how do you want me to do it, just show me”
 ” I said stop OK, am not ready for this. 
“Naa please don’t tell you are a virgin” he said laughing .
 “whats funny” I asked feeling angry. ” 
“come on baby it’s not gonna hurt you, I will be gentle . I started dressing up to avoid anyone walking in to discover me like that. He told me that, we were not done yet and pushed me to the wall. He began with his kisses but this time I didn’t enjoy it. I pleaded with him to let me go but he kept kissing me, fondling my breast.
Here I was so helpless. Who was coming to my aid. I gathered all the strength I had and pushed him away and he slapped me. Tears begun rolling down my cheeks and thoughts flooded my mind, is this how I wanted to break my virginity without honor, being raped by the one person I thought loved me so much, what if I got pregnant or even contracted HIV, what would I tell my parents and even my friends who spoke about this boy. Naa! Naa! Naa! I heard someone shouting my name from the corridors.
To be continued…..