Good Sin Season 2 – Episode 6 – “The Beast”


She just made a call to her husband Patrick, and accused Ben for raping her. Ben hurriedly snatched the phone out from her hand and smashed it, instantly destroying it completely.
The violent part of Ben began revealing. That was the part that he thought he had hidden ever since he raped Eva. But it seems Dzifa just over stepped her boundaries and have crossed her limit.
“Oh how dare you smash my phone, you are scared right? you rapist” Dzifa said then suddenly she was silenced by a back hand slap from Ben.
Just then Ben jumped on her and started beating her up. The beast in him had completely awoken and there was nothing Dzifa could do to stop him.
Patrick was surprised that her wife called that Ben had raped her. That was not what he saw when he actually got to the hotel. He thought perhaps, they may have seen him on his way back that was why his wife was trying to cover it up with the rape excuse notwithstanding, he was very worried about his wife too.
The call actually came when he was still with his younger brother and Eva. All this while, Patrick and Eva had to pretend that everything was okay with them until the call when Patrick actually excused himself to receive it. Upon coming back, Jason and Eva noticed that there was something wrong with him. Though he was not in the best of mood already, it now seemed his mood had rather worsen.
“Is everything alright” Jason asked his brother when Patrick came back into the room where they were after receiving the call from his wife.
“It’s my wife, I think…. I have to be on my way” he said and started preparing to leave. That was unusual of him. Jason knew there was something really wrong and he wanted to be of help to his brother.
“Do you want me to come with you” Jason asked.
“No, no, you have a visitor. Don’t worry I will call” Patrick replied “Eva can I speak to you for a minute before I leave” He said to Eva. She then stood up from the sofa where she was seated and followed Patrick outside leaving Jason alone in the room.
“Patrick, what is going on, it’s Dzifa alright” desperate Eva asked.
“Don’t worry. But what are you doing here, how did you know my brother?” He asked.
“My mother has been admitted and he happens to be the one taking care of her, I didn’t know he was your brother until now” Eva answered.
There was more Patrick would love to hear from Eva but he had to rush down to where his wife was. Now Eva was left with Jason. Much time had been spent already and they couldn’t have enough time to talk to each other. Eva wanted to see her mother and Jason agreed to go with her back to the hospital.
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Fortunately, by the time they arrived at the hospital, her mother had woke up and just when she saw Eva approaching her, she gave a wide smile. Eva was so happy to see her mother healthy again. Accompanied by Jason, he began asking how she was faring.
“Doc, I am doing well, I just don’t know what happened, I felt so dizzy and I don’t know what happened afterwards.” She said.
“Don’t worry Mum, it was just stress. You need to rest more, I will prescribe some medications for you which will help you to get enough rest” Jason said.
At the mention of the medicine, Eva’s mother immediately freaked out. The last thing she would settle for was to take in what she normally call “white man medicine”. She preferred herbal medicine than anything else.
“Doctor, no need for any medicine, I know what Is good for me, besides I don’t know how my daughter will get the money to pay the hospital bill.” She said.
Eva wanted to stop her mother because she was talking too much. Eva had enough money to even settle the bills, she wondered why her mother would actually say that.
“But Mum….” Eva tried to stop her mother but Jason interrupted.
“Don’t worry about the bills; I have taken care of that” Jason said. Eva and her mother looked at each other with surprise. Just when he said that, he stepped out of the ward with the excuse that Eva and her mother needed to be alone.
“Eva, I think this doctor is interested in you ooo” Her mother said as soon as Jason stepped out.
Patrick on the other hand had already gotten to the hotel and met the absence of Ben, but to his surprise her wife was on the bed crying.
Dzifa freaked out when she saw Patrick in the room. She didn’t show Patrick where she was so she wondered how he knew about her whereabouts. However, she didn’t want to act suspicious, just when she saw her husband, she ran towards him in tears.
Her face was swollen and you could tell from that, she had been beaten by someone. “What happened to you Dzifa” Patrick asked.
“Baby, ……its Ben, he did this to me” She said while in tears.
“Ben did this to you, but you guys were happy together. So how come” Patrick asked her. Dzifa was surprised with what Patrick said.
“What do you mean by that? Is that all you can say?” Dzifa said. She wanted to use Patrick’s weakness against him by shifting blames but this time around it all failed.
“Don’t pretend honey, I saw you this morning, I never knew Ben was your distant uncle and hey hold on, how can you even passionately kiss your distant uncle” Patrick revealed.
Dzifa’s face suddenly sunk, there was nothing more she could say. Out of embarrassment she ran off from the room leaving Patrick. Unfortunately for her, she slipped and fell from the stair case and rowed on to the floor. Patrick heard her fell and quickly run to her rescue but unfortunately, he came to meet Dzifa lying down motionless below the staircase with blood gashing though her nostrils.
To be Continued.
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