Agony Of Love ~Episode 3


Monday morning came so quickly, I woke up early as usual, did my morning duties and prepared for class. On my way to class, Lydia, my best friend kept asking me how come Senior George spoke to me and I smiled boldly and told her that day was my lucky day. Our first lesson was a mathematics class and the Teacher was so annoying.
When the siren sang for breakfast he refused to let us go. The time he released us it was too late so I missed dining that morning. I sat in class angrily at the attitude of the teacher when I saw George enter my class. I knew he wasn’t there to see me. But to my utmost surprise he came and stood by my desk. Right at that moment my angry face vanished and I gave him a fake smile.
” how are you doing, I didn’t see you at dinning today”.
” Am fine” I replied forgetting the advice my school mom gave me.
”  I bought this for you, he handed me a bottle of coke and a packet of Mcvities digestive biscuit. I was shy to take it but he forced me to and I said a shy thank you. When I didn’t see you at dining I figured you would be hungry so I got u this, he said.
The siren sang for break over and he left saying I hope to see you this evening after dinning. Lydia crashed into him on his way out and came straight to my desk demanding what he was doing here.
‘Hmmm, my dear be careful ooo. She said.
‘Well it’s nothing, I replied.
‘If nothing, why would he be bring you this, she said pointing at the items in my hands.
Classes continued as usual till it ended at 3:00 pm. Everyone was expected to be in the dormitory by 3:20 since siesta begins at 3:30-4:30. I hurried to the dorm with Lydia to avoid being punished by the Sister,s but unfortunately for us, we were stopped by one teacher who asked us to help him carry some stuff to the school gate. We told him we were boarders but he insisted and we helped him out.
When we returned to the dorm, we had to join the rest of the late comers to kneel in the yard. While kneeling down,one of the sister’s on duty poked me and said
” I guess you went to see George and this drew the attention of the other sister’s and they all came round saying that they never knew I was like that. All this while they had let all the late comers go leaving me alone. I just knelt there helplessly wishing my school mom would come to my rescue but all to no avail. Even when siesta was over I was still there.
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I was asked to go when the siren sang for dinning time. I got up angrily and changed into my prep wear, since I couldn’t bath I had to put on a very good spray cos I would meet George after supper. In my school, after evening dinning, we were allowed some thirty minutes to either make some calls at the phone booth or meet up with friend’s and we called that period “Sticking.”
During dinning, I couldn’t even eat my food, I was nervous and eager to see him. Right after supper I sat on one of the lover’s bench behind the dinning hall hoping that he could see me. I waited for about ten minutes but no sign of him, Lydia was in the queue at the tuck shop to buy us water for preps so that gave me some good reason to wait. She returned after ten minutes with the water but still no sign of George. I was getting a bit worried because he had asked me to wait for him. Lydia kept nagging that we leave since the siren would soon sing for prep time but I told her that we should wait small because  I was feeling hot forgetting we were in the rainy season.
It was almost six thirty and soon the teacher’s would be sacking us. Finally we decided to leave when I heard George calling me, I turned and there he was looking as handsome as usual.
“Am really sorry for keeping you waiting, he said. I was angry but said i’s fine. As soon as Lydia saw him, she left the two of us alone. He held my hand and told me he was truly sorry. We didn’t have much time to talk but he told me that I had the most beautiful eyes ever and that he had always wanted to be my friend and always because I was disciplined.
He asked if I was ok with what we took at dinning and I replied yes. ” How I will wished i could talk to you everyday even when you are in your dorm” he said.
” You know that it’s not possible besides I don’t have a phone and my school mom wouldn’t let me use her phone, except to call my parents . I replied.
“You don’t worry about that, I will see what I can do. After talking for a while, he asked if he could hug me and I obliged falling into those sweet arms of his. He handed me a parcel which turned out to be canned malt and cream crackers and whispered into my ear that I looked hungry and he doesn’t like to see me like that. I giggled and run off to the classroom where we have our preps since I was very late.
Though I was an hour late. The sister on duty refused to punish me. she gave a warning that if it ever continued I would be severely dealt with and that she had let me go because that was my first time of being late. I have an Economics test on Friday so I had to study but when I opened my book to learn. Thoughts of George clouded my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he spoke and the gentle way he walked and even that warm hug he gave me some few minutes ago. I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even hear my name being mentioned.
Guess who was calling…
To be continued…