Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 147


He was about leaving coasta rica, just when he alighted at the airport he was knocked out and tossed weightlessly into a white van.
Micheal and his friends wait patiently in his mansion. They sent the best of men to get schwartz.
Just then they walked in with holding someone whose face was covered with a sack.
Micheal: you know where to keep him, he said with a straight face.
Cornel: he could hardly hold his anger in as he followed them immediately, he watched as they chained him to a steel chair. He angrily pulled the sack away.
Schwartz: his eyes popped open like he has seen a ghost, when he saw mr cornel. How could you……….
Cornel: survive?? You know its gonna take more than a flood to bring me down.
Schwartz: his body quaked in fear as cornel stared at him. He wasnt scared of dying, he knew they werent just gonna kill him.
Cornel: you already know what i do to traitors!! Only this time you gonna suffer a thousand times the pains of a traitor!!!! You murdered my son!
Schwartz: i was brainwashed plssss he tried pleading when cornel gave a hard punch in his mid section, as he yelled a bit in pains.
Just then micheal and louis walked in. As they glared at him angrily.
Micheal: you’ve made a mess of my family schwartz, now your gonna spend your whole life wishing you died right here!!!
Louis: you had better hope they break every single bone in your body because am gonna peel of your skin and leave you to roast under the scotching sun! Right now if he was blessed with the opportunity of taking his own life, he’d do so without even blinking.
Just then a lady walked in with a trail containing a syringe and some fluid. She gave him 2 shots of the liquid. He knew he was gonna be tortured like crazy, and if he doesnt die he is gonna be a vegetable.
They moved backward abit as 2men walked in wearing steels around their fist. They took turns to give him a very severe beating as he screamed and groaned until he could talk no more. His face was totally reshaped with bruises.
President: he snapped his fingers as a hot iron was handed to him, with a reddish end, from long hours in the fire. He placed it on his left arm, as it pierced through his skin, he screamed like he dropped from a very high cliff, before passing out.
Micheal: we are still on the introductory part, you can rest a bit until we find that she devil! He said as they all walked away.
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Mirabel could hardly wait to tell sophia what she just heard, she was gonna be a bit relieved too. And for the first time she realized how lucky she was, having such wonderful daughter like sophia. She knew her some months ago and right now it seems as though she knew her her entire life. She smiled a bit for the first time.
After a while they were home, sophia sat on the couch staring into an empty space as memories of the times she spent with lucas played in her head. Just then she recalled his exact words, after meeting with the pshycic. Perhaps she was right after all she thought as tears gathered up in her eyes. Just then mirabel hugged her.
Sophia: mum! She said amidst sobs.
Mirabel: thats enough sophia, we couldnt find lucas’ body. He could be alive.
Sophia: she broke from the hug as she stared into her mum’s eye, trying to make sure she wasnt saying that to make her feel better.
Harley: thats true my child she said, all we have to do now is pray.
I was a great swimmer but the water current was really strong. Tossing me roughly as i stumbled over and over, hitting my right arm so hard against the steel wall. i tried swimming upward towards the exit dera went through. When it dawn on me i couldnt move my right arm anymore. I tried so hard to get my self to safety, i was almost at the top. I just couldnt hold on anymore, i felt my breath going thinner and thinner. When i just couldnt hold on any longer. I saw myself sinking, i tried moving but my body seemed to have reached it limits. Right now i could see the after life, Just then someone grabbed me.

to be continue