Agony Of Love ~Episode 2


Knowing my family background, I never missed classes. I always obeyed the school rules in fact I was miss perfect in school. Not wanting to engage in any activity that would send me packing. I even missed social events in school ,like entertainment which everyone loved all to study.
In my school ,every Saturday we have entertainment right after dinning but this fateful Saturday, I didn’t want to miss because it was movie night special and the movie for the day was “The Game” which had all my favorite movie stars in it.
Right after dinning I decided to go to the dormitory to drop my book’s since I wouldn’t be needing them. Everyone was moving straight to the Assembly Hall to get a better place to view the movie. As I was about leaving I was approached by the Entertainment Prefect a very tall, fair colored and you know ShS terms * fresh Boy*, whom every girl in my school was dying to date,
” young lady where are you going to, don’t you know it’s time for entertainment and everyone is supposed to be seated by now?
” Senior please am just going to drop my bag at the dorm.
I replied shyly because I have been admiring this guy for a very long time and I was just glowing inside as he spoke to me
“but u know it’s not allowed and I could punish u for that, he continued. I won’t be long I said. As I quickly walk away, he called me to stop and asked if I could go alone since everyone was seated at the Assembly Hall. I was quite shocked at his request since there were rumors going round that he was a rude guy but I didn’t mind. I replied in the affirmative and he walked by my side to the dorm in silence.
When we came back, the movie had already started and the room was packed. I decided to go find a seat but he asked me to sit beside him at the back. I just couldn’t believe my luck. My school mother spotted me and kept staring at  us. I guess she was wondering what the hell I was doing with him and I had to face her wrath after. As we sat alone at the back, George as was his name, told me about himself.
He was the only child of his parents. His parents were gurus in the hospitality industry. His dad owned a chain of boutique hotels in the county and across the globe likewise his mother who owned the best restaurants in the country and that during the last 2013 Africa’s Richest Persons his parents were among the first 20 and thus they wanted to be part of the first 5, hence they were deeply involved with their work having to spend just a few time with him. Since childhood he had lived with his nanny and also a lot of maids at home.
Also he had spent most of his life from the age of five in boarding schools. Not to talk about the the trips he made abroad every vacation to Kenya, South Africa and the Bahamas. He lived with his parents at Trasacco valley though he was alone most times. He also said that he had so many friends but they were all there because of the money he had and that, he had never felt loved and was looking forward to meet someone real in life who would love him for who he was and not for the money.
I just thought to myself that with all this wealth surrounding you, u even feel lonely. He asked about my family and I told him about my life. George said he was jealous of the belongingness and warmth I felt at home. I just smiled at him and told him that soon he would meet that special someone and he asked
” is it you” We both burst out laughing and this drew the attention of my school mom who was seated a few yards away.
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We spoke throughout the hours until the movie ended.
” sorry I made you miss the movie, George said
‘oh its nothing’, I replied. Well I guess he didn’t know that i would miss anything just to spend some time with the most wanted fresh boy.
He asked if we were friends and I nodded why not. He thanked me for listening to him and left. I stood there beaming with smiles when my school Mom Abigail approached me with a very serious look on her face. She asked me what I was doing with him and I told her we were just talking. She went on asking since when did he become my friend and that I should be very careful about that guy since he was a play boy.
I told Abigail that i had no intention of being his friend let alone his girlfriend. She made me promise not to see him or talk to him again. When we got to the dorm I became the talk of the day, everyone wanted to know what we were talking so happily about but I just ignored everyone. That night I couldn’t sleep I dreamt about him and how nice we would be together as a couple but was i, after promising my school mom I would never see him again and me also having a crush on this boy.
To be continue IN A BIT….