Good Sin Season 2 – Episode 5 – “The Blackmail”


To her surprise, there Patrick was, seated comfortably on a sofa with a wine glass in his hand. Eva completely forgot that she was in the presence of the doctor. Apparently, the doctor was Patrick’s younger brother who was his best man at his wedding.
“Patrick, what are you doing here” Eva said that aloud. Patrick was as surprise as Eva herself. They didn’t expect to see each other here. Jason, the doctor knew his brother very well and though they hardly see each other, they were most of the time in constant communication. He even knew the in and out of his brother’s marriage and the problems he had been having with his wife Dzifa.
“Do you two know each other” Jason asked. It was so obvious that he was really surprised that they knew each other.
Patrick got out of his chair and wondered how on earth would Eva end up in his brother’s house. He just stood there and watched her eagerly waiting to listen to the answer Eva had to give.
Amazingly they were both quiet. Jason found this very awkward and right then he knew Patrick and Eva had an interesting past.
“Helloooo, is anyone going to answer me? He asked again. Eva had no option than to come in with an answer, at least she needed to respect Jason if not for any reason, for the fact that he was the one who invited her to his apartment.
“Yeah, he is a very good friend of mine, actually his wife used to be my best friend” Eva answered. Though she was directing her answer to Jason, she was staring at Patrick eye to eye.
“Oh what a coincidence. Anyway, you two should feel comfortable while i get you some cocktail.” He said and headed to his mini bar at his apartment.
“And bro, I have something to tell you when I come back, it’s really good you are here” He continued and finally left.
Finally there stood Eva and Patrick facing each other, that very moment, just seeing Eva was enough for Patrick to know how much he had missed her. It’s like anytime he is around her, he ends up forgetting about himself and now that he was in pain over what his wife, Dzifa had done to him, you could tell how vulnerable he looked.
Eva on the other hand was just having a mixed feeling about him. This was the very man who thought her how to make love and she really enjoyed it but as to whether she was in love with him, she was yet to find out.
Then they began to whisper to each so that Jason wouldn’t hear them. “What are you doing here? I have been looking everywhere for you” Patrick asked.
“It’s a long story, I came to seek answers to some unanswered questions” Eva said but unfortunately for her Jason heard that and interrupted their conversation.
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It was a short time yet a great time for Dzifa after another strong round of love making with Ben. Their body were covered with sweat while they laid on the bed panting heavily.
“Dzifa, this should be the last time, I am done with this. I will find a way to talk to Eva myself” he said and began dressing up.
Dzifa got mad in the manner in which Ben decided to end it all. she felt she has been used and she wasn’t ready to let him go that easily. She got up from the bed as well and held on to Ben’s shirt refusing to let him go. Ben tried as much as he can to resist her but she held him so tight that he couldn’t do anything.
Then suddenly, he pushed her onto the bed, out of anger and pain for losing Ben, Dzifa began to threaten him.
“I see you are really bent on leaving, go ahead, leave at this moment” She said shouting at Ben and then reaching out to her phone from her purse.
Ben then knew she was up to something, “What are you trying to do” Ben curiously asked.
“Thought you said you are leaving, go ahead.” Dzifa said again. Ben had nothing else to do, he stood there and watched what Dzifa was capable of doing.
“You have the guts to even push me like that, we shall see” She said and then began to make a phone call.
The next thing Ben saw was, from nowhere, Dzifa started crying as if she had been abused by someone. She was doing this just to make her act seem real to whoever she was calling.
“Baby, where are you, I need your help, I have just been attacked by Ben, he just raped me” Dzifa said right in front of Ben. She just made a call to her husband Patrick, and accused Ben for raping her.
To Be Continued.
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