Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 146


It took a whole day for mirabel to calm down.
Harley: you know, over the years have learnt no one is truely dead until there corpse are found.
Mirabel: like my lucas could be alife??
Harley: lets go find their bodies.
It took a while before they located swift, excorted by a huge number of marine corps. The area was a bit water, as the marine soldiers walked into the building, although there were still water, it was not completely filled up, an average man would walk safely through it.
They walked in with their guns as they checked around for survivors. Mirabel sat next to her mum, in her car, right now she wasnt sure of what to pray for. After hours of search the men were out with just a few corpse. Just then the army arrived in there van. They had a brief chat with the marine officer, before they step into the building to carry out a search too. After searching the entire building for a while, the presidents corpse was no were in sight.
The corpse found were arranged, on empty space, outside the building. as mirabel and her mum tried identifying lucas. But none of them looked anything like him.
Harley: it was a party right??
Mirabel: just nods
Harley: how is it only 10people died.
Mirabel: i really dont know mum, she said really close to tears.
Harley: dont you see what i see mirabel!!
Mirabel: what do you see mum!!
Harley: Lucas could be alive. Just then a marine officer walked up to them.
Officer: ma’am, what happened here is definitely no natural disaster But what i dont understand is how a flood as huge as that would disappear just like that.
Harley: do you think anyone can survive it?
Officer: well since the flood is gone, it only means one thing, there might be an emergency drainage. And more like an emergency exit too. I think there is a 70% probability they escaped somehow
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Black spiders chose a training ground next to a river because it was a really suitable environment for training really strong agents. Agent skillful in a lot of things and swimming as the fundamental.

It took only a matter of time before a massive building with lots of chambers was built under ground. Just like a hatch, except it was way bigger than a hatch. Having the south part almost at the bottom of the river. Which was cover up with a heavy tempered glass for beauty, rather than thick metallic irons to avoid rust. Of course they weren’t ignorant of the fact that their current surrounding was at a very high risk of flooding, Lots of safety precaution was applied, like an emergency drainage system and exit. Plus a store room filled with oxygen masks.


Just when the massive flood aggressively swept everything in its part, the man at the control room, quickly activated all emergency options. The door to the store house flew almost immediately as the water swept a whole store full of oxygen mask, spreading it almost everywhere.

Everyone quickly reached for the masks, to conserve air, as they led their bosses to safety. In less than no time the whole place was fully immersed with water. As they made it out through a tunnel which was just a few miles away from the river back.

Micheal: he wait patiently in the really for everyone to come out as he looked around furiously for lucas. When he found no trace of him, lucas!!! he yelled over and over. Before grabbing a face mask aggressively and was about going in search of lucas. Just then his securities stopped him as 5men got back in, in search of lucas. Cornel and louis quickly sent some men too in search of their sons. They sat on the shores hoping they found them. They waited for a long time when all the men returned with no trace of their children.

Micheal: he felt a ripping ache in his heart, its all my fault he said with a bitter expression. Cornel and louis felt his pain too, they had the exact expressions on there face too, just then cornel grabbed his shoulders sadly.

Cornel: they are gone micheal, its time to show those b——s who they messed with!!

to be continue