Road to Destiny – Friday(18/11/2016)



In today’s episode, 
Pedro takes Amelia to a vast land with her eyes closed and upon reaching there, he tells her that land is theirs because he bought it with his hard earned money and she looks so surprised. He wants to build a big house for all of them and Amelia asks who the “all of us” mean and Pedro says he is in love with someone and she asks who that girl is because she is the one he loves and they both kiss for the first time and one could see Pedro and her are now relieved.
The next day Pedro organizes a party to announce to all of their loved ones about he and Amelia’s engagement and all look so happy for them especially Fernanda.
Luis calls Fernanda to forgive him and come over to see his new law firm but she warns him not to dare call her because she doesn’t want to hear from him again. Immediately, Sis Sor Sonrisa arrives to call him for the celebration and Luis asks her about the kind of celebration and she discloses to him that Amelia and Pedro are back together and therefore he shouldn’t try separating them again. Luis then states that now he knows he’s lost Amelia for good but that doesn’t matter he still has his daughter who he’s going to get back to mold her into his own image as well as his grandson.
Mariana goes to invite Henan for lunch just to make amends but he thinks it won’t be possible because he doesn’t see them as a couple again and therefore the only thing that is his top priority is looking for Camila but before that, he will go to Pedro and Amelia’s engagement party. This truly pained Mariana as she knows that now everyone she had is rejecting her.
Carlos tells his mum that he is going to do everything to bring Luis down and therefore any information he needs to do it, he is willing to do everything to get it but his mum thinks it’s unnecessary but he still insists.
Lucero is able to escape from the cage through the window and all her prayers is to run without being caught if not she is certain that if Diego should see her, he is going to kill her.
Havier tells Fernanda though it seems really difficult but he wants to tell her how grateful he is with her for accepting him as a friend and that is how he is also going to see her from now onwards but not as someone he loves because he knows she is a good woman and has to be with the man she loves (Carlos) so he wants to give up on her. Fernanda then thanks him so much for accepting the truth and the fact is if Carlos never had showed up, she would have accepted him because he also had a kind heart and Fernanda hugs him for hurting such a wonderful person like him.
Henan looks so quiet and Mariana wishes that he forgets about everything and give her a smile because she knows that all of their marriage crisis began right after Camila disappeared but Henan thinks Mariana doesn’t understand what it means to be a parent because she is barren and she discloses to him that she was never barren but she only made that up since she never wanted to have his baby and Henan in great anger expresses to her deeply how much he hates her for that.
Diego goes to give some food to Lucero and he discovers that she’s escaped and so he decides to look for her and bring her back and in that same vein, Lucero continues to run for her life but she limps as she feels so tired.
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