Agony Of Love ~Episode 1


This is a story about my life, the mistakes and the lessons I learnt and I hope you do too.
My name is Mary Naa Quayle affectionately called Naa by my friends. I was born and raised in Chorkor, a fishing community in the Greater Accra Region and raised by humble parents.
My dad was a prominent fisherman and my mom was a trader, she was one of the first women to open a provisions store in our hood.
Being the first child I had the responsibility of being an example to my two younger siblings. Benjamin and Rosemary.
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My mom ended her Education in primary 6 just to marry the love of her life, my Dad who also completed his at JSS.
My parents did their very best to put me through JHS but after completion, I decided not to continue again since that was the norm. My mom begged me to, but it all fell on deaf ears.
It only took the word’s of our neighbor Auntie Korkor who encouraged me to look back at my family and make them proud.
I thought about it and finally decided to go.
When I first gained admission to school, my parents were so happy and told me that they would do everything possible to see me through and even continue to the tertiary level.
To be continued…..