Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 145


Having dealt with the pains of insanity, i still find myself checking my head, whether or not am ok. When the pain of losing your love one hurts more than losing one’s life.
Life can be broad and smooth, narrow and bumpy. Disasters happens every day but pain is like a thief in the night leaving you with nothing but regret. Death is like a hallow, dark, deep and bigger than all of us. Grief is like a tumoil, the only thing that’s get the better part of us.
Right here in my heart is an injury that would never be healed. When archeologist discovered remains humans who died in the caves thousands of year, they only found more of painting and have always wondered, whats the point??.
Now i realize this people wanted the next world to know they existed, they wanted to show them the kind of people they were. There is no caving or paintings on the wall, because they are all here, right here in my heart. It hurts to know somethings cant be changed no matter how we try. But am never gonna say goodbye to you my dearest because to me you only on a vacation trip that could last a lifetime. She penned those words into her diary. As sad words flowed from her head to her hands.
He was never the type to hold a grudge for a very long time. Now all i can do is wish i spent everyday giving you a goodbye kiss. If only i had the opportunity, i wasnt gonna give you a thousand, i was gonna give a lifetime kisses. Just then sophia hugged her from behind.
Sophia: that’s ok mum plsss stop now.
Mirabel: she only stared at her as she tried smiling, the only thing visible in her eyes was pains engraved deeply in her hearts words cannot explain.
They spent the rest of their ruined day indoors, they lost touch with the real world, so much that they never noticed, whether it be day or night.
And then the door bell ringed, waking then up from the weird slumber they journeyed into. The bell ringed over and over, they only stared at each other not willing to get the door. Just then the door flew open as her mum walked in.
Mirabel: mum!!
Harley: looking at her once beautiful daughter and a younger version of her daughter, both with eye sacks from a really long hours of crying. She walked to where they sat as she hugged them.
Mirabel: my son is gone!! She said again bursting in another round of tears.
Harley: thats alright mirabel, sometimes we lose our love once and dont want to let. But holding on to them, you only leave there spirits wandering the earth.
Mum: i dont want to say goodbye to him mum i cant.
Harley: shhhhh….she said hugging her again, goodbye is the only farewell we give to our love once who has traveled over to the afterlife. Your love and heart, would make him be at peace wherever he is now.
She tried as much as possible to console them as she made them shower and fixed a wonderful dish for them. And then sophia decided to inform ricky.
Ricky: the shocked expressed in his eyes as he said back on their couch.
Pamela: what is wrong with you!!
Ricky: lucas is dead.
Pamela: no no no you are joking right??? I know you are, just tell me this is a joke!!
Ricky: nope he said as tears gathered up in his eyes.
Pamela: she held her head like she was gonna go crazy, like am not gonna see him again??
Ricky ; come here he said hugging.
Pamela: have always wanted to see him plssss i want to see lucas. Plsss ricky
Ricjy: he kept mute as tears rolled than his eyes.
In less than a day everyone got to know about lucas demise. And of course those who knew him were hurt really bad.

While harley convinced mirabel, that it wasnt gonna be a burial its gonna be a goodbye ceremony.

to be continue