Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 143


Dera: what are you doing here?? She asked looking really shocked.
Me: i came in with my grand-dad, what are you doing you here?
Dera: uhmm i think we should skip………she wasnt done talking when cornel’s son interrupted.
Boy: enough of the questioning, shes here with me he said placing his hand on her shoulders.
Dera: thats not true she countered before i could say anything. Just then grandpa stepped into the scene with lots of armed men.
Micheal: what the hell is going on here he asked as schwartz quickly tossed a pistol to dera, who grabbed it immediately aiming at cornel’s son’s head, as she took out another from her short aiming at my heart. While schwartz seized the president son, grabbing his neck like he was gonna snap it.
The shock on my face right now, having the love of my life point a gun at me, was like that of a kid who just saw a ghost. To make matters even more complicated grandpa’s men cocked their guns as they aimed at us. I have to admit i was really scared to death but i was even more confused, why dera would ever point a gun at me. Why?? Whats going on dera!! I asked with lots of emotion.
Dera: you shouldnt have come luke she said looking a bit sad.
Mirabel: whoa! Whoa! Whoa!! Calm down now plsss, those boys have done nothing wrong just let them go.
Cornel: schwartz!! Let them go he yelled authoritatively.
Schwartz: hahaha its funny to see you still have the guts to yell at me.
Micheal: i know you need money schwartz, plsss put those guns down and we’d do whatever you say. Anything at all we’d see to it he stressed.
Schwartz: great my wife and kid i want them back now!!! He yelled as they all look stunned.
President: you know we can talk this over, i think its just a bit of misunderstanding no one has to die schwartz.
Schwartz: you still think am a fool?? Now drop your weapons or this kid dies!! He yelled as everyone stared at him like he was crazy. He swiftly got out his pistol cocked it, aiming it at the president son’s head!! You still think am bluffing huuuuh!!
Boy: daddy plssss help me i dont wanna die he said as tears gathered up in his eyes.
President: alright alright!! Everyone dropped your weapons now!!! He commanded as they all obeyed.
Me: i only stared at dera trying to find her gaze, as she kept looking away. I guess your gonna shoot me right??
Dera: i really dont know lucas.
Me: you have to stop this right now dera plsssss.
Dera: they’re gonna kill me lucas.
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Me: dera i promised am gonna talk to my grand-dad no one is gonna hurt you plsss.
Dera: am really sorry luke she said looking away.
Me: i know you are scared dera, i can help, you have to trust me plsssss, this time my eyes were abit teary.
Dera: she saw sincerity in his words, she stared at schwartz as she soften her grip on the pistol.
Schwartz: dera!!! Dont listen to him, he doesnt want to hurt you but they do!!!
Dera: am sorry i cant lucas she said aiming the gun at my head.
Micheal: these kids did nothing to you schwartz we did, if you should be holding anyone hostage it should be us!
Schwartz: likewise my family they were innocent!! Dont you dare say this kids are innocent because its only a matter of time before they fit into your shoes!!! Now make way he yelled as they made a passing route for us.
We walked passed the crowd who glared at them angrily like they would rip their head off this very minute if given the opportunity.
Dera: dont worry luke you gonna be fine but they all have to die she whispered.
Me: just nodded, at this point i wasnt sure of what to believe, my girlfriend telling am gonna be fine at gun point.
Dera: i would never hurt you i promise.
Me: i guess that includes my grand-dad?
Dera: they are all evil lucas! someone has to do this! Just then some guy landed on schwartz from only God knows where as they both crashed on the floor struggling with the gun.
Dera: she was about shooting the guy when nora knocked the pistol of her grip in one swift kick. Dera moved backward a bit ready to attack when schwartz yelled run!!!! as he made away!!
Like a lightening dera took to heels, pulling me along, just then an explosive sound like a mighty earthquake, shaking the entire building, accompanied by a massive flow of water sweeping every single thing in its path.
We ran as fast as we could, as the water got closer to us by the minute. Just when we got to the party hall a masked man dropped down from the roof top with a rope and anchor attached to his waist region. Swiftly grabbing dera, who tried pulling lucas along as her hand slipped away from his before she could maintain a firm grip. As the water sweep him away.

Dera: lucas!!!!!!!! She yelled in dismay as the rope rolled up back the way it came, taking them up to the rooftop.

to be continue