Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 142


She quickly disconnected her radio, as she tried staying in midst of the crowd. But strangely everyone seems to be staring into their phone.
Dera: she quickly located schwartz as they walked to the dance floor, dancing while they had a little chat.
Schwartz: right now everyone is suspicious, they know there’s an intruder.
Dera: then we blow up the place and leave.
Schwartz: nah we’d only ruin the party, cos they are gonna swim away, we have to find a way to keep them trapped in here.
Dera: ok how do we do that?
Schwartz: you see that kid over there he said pointing at the boy sitting on a huge chair, thats the persident son. That one over there, he said pointing at a kissing couple, cornel’s son. And that one talking to that lady over there he said pointing at lucas, who had his back facing them, thats the boss son.
Dera: how come you recognize them so easily, i know you’ve never seen them before.
Schwartz: smiling, i told you they are very suspicious even in the midst of friends. The lady over there is a top secret agent, its obvious shes watching over him and the same thing applies to all of them.
Just then Micheal and the other four official, joined the party.
Schwartz: i think i know just how we are gonna do this.
Dera: tell me
Schwartz: prepare to get in a fight, we would have to seize all three boy, i’ll have my boys seal all doors.
Dera: and then we’d lead them, right to the bottom i guess.
Schwartz: not just them, everyone, he said with a smile. You take mr cornels kid am sure he wouldnt object seeing a cute lady, lead him to the botton, i’ll be joining you with the others.
I was having a wonderful chat with nora, trying to know how she became so strong before some man interrupted, in the company of that rude kid.
Schwartz: the boss wants a special treat for you.
Nora: boss??
Schwartz: ooh sorry miss it just a special reservation for our heirs, for a very wonderful dinner.
Nora: how is it i never heard about it??
Schwartz: you can ask the boss that, lets go sirs!
We both followed behind while he lead the way.
Nora was never comfortable with the idea, there’s never being a mixed up order before, if there was a special reservation she should be taking him there. She quickly located the boss as she whispered something in his ear.

Micheal: there are no special reservation.

Nora: what!!!

President: whats going on??

Micheal: our kids has been led by a guy to a special reservation!! Stop staring at me!!
Go find that traitor!!! He yelled.

Everywhere was rowdy while nora lead the officials and a huge number of men, through the directions schwartz went.

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well everyone was acting really strange, am no detective but his personality obviously had a lot of question mark.

Me: mr could you atleast tell me your name?

Schwartz: not important, but am schwartz.

Me: and why are we the only one having a special reservation??

Boy: you talk too much he said yawning like he was bored.

Me: you must be a really good actor.

Boy: am not an actor!!

Me: what are you??

Boy: you might wanna call me a gangster he said smiling, when all this is done!! All these men will bow at my feet.

Me: ok now you’ve got me confused.

Boy: you really know nothing dude, so tell me, why are you here?

Me: for a party of course.

Boy: hahahahaha you are really stupid. You really think this is a party?? Hahha he just couldnt stop laughing as he kept moving.

Me: ok you win just tell me what you already know.

Boy: ok thats just because we are gonna be official buddies soon, he said with a smile. Its like crowning a new king, you will take over from your dad’s throne soonest, while i will do the same.

Me: how does taking over your dad’s place make you a gangster??

Boy: just stared at me in shocked, were you brainwashed??

Me: maybe.

Boy: this is a training ground for my dad and your dad’s secret organization. This is what richmen like them used to subdue their foes and carry out dirty deals, all this men you see here, works for them. Of course they’re gonna be walking for us soon.

Me: what!! I was made to believe it just a party??

Boy: hahahah perhaps you should know the name too, black spiders!!

Schwartz: we are here!! He said standing close to dera, with stood with cornels son like a couple.

I was still trying to digest what that kid just told when i heard schwartz voice i looked up hoping to see a magnificent dinner reserve. The only thing i saw, was even more of a shocker compared to what i heard.

Me: dera!!!!!!

Dera: lucas!!!!

to be continue