Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 144


In less than no time the water was everywhere, schwartz waited for a while at the exit, hoping dera would show up but all he saw was the massive water approaching the exit. He quickly shut the door with tears in his eyes.
Schwartz: am sorry dera he said before walking away with a heavy heart as the event kept replaying in his head. The bomb was activated while he had a little fight with that crazy dude, if only i heard the beep sooner he thought.
Dera: no no no no!!!!!!! My lucas!!!! She yelled crying bitterly as struggled so hard to go back in there.
Man: stop it dera!! Plssss.
Dera: why didnt you save him why!!!!!! She yelled on top of her voice.
Man: calm down plssss.
Dera: its all your fault!! We were fine on our own!! You shouldnt have pulled me away!!
Vahn: what should i have done watch you risk your life he said taking off his mask.
Dera: staring at him dad!! She yelled as her teary eyes popped open.
Vahn: i couldnt take that risk, am really sorry about your friend.
Dera: this time she felt her heart melting, she got into all this mess just because she thought her dad was murdered! And now lucas is gone. He wasnt just a friend!! She said as she stood up, walking towards the parking lot as she wept bitterly.
Vahn: come on dera you should be happy to see me, he said hugging her as he tried getting her to calm down.
Dera: all she could do now was cry and cry. My lucas is gone dad, he is gone!!!.
Vahn: am really sorry about that dera, just calm down now plsss. He said hugging her really hard! But she kept on crying uncontrollably.
The night cloud was thicker now, as he led her to his car, helped her in. He knew dera so well, whoever that kid was. He must have been really important to her. She was moody all through there drive home.
Dera: that night at your house, it was you who took out those men out right?
Vahn: smiling abit, yeah sorry i was abit late though. There were other times too
Dera: tell me about it she said as tears rolled freely from her eyes.
Vahn: you were sleeping and then they attacked. I tried not to wake you up.
Dera: i see she said simply as her heart seem to be burning up again.
Vahn: he also heard her that night, when she cried over his picture, he could still remember her words vividly “am sorry dad, i think for the first time i love someone just a bit more than you” was he the one?? He asked
Dera: what are you saying she asked sniffing.
Vahn: was he the one you loved more than me?
Dera: she just nodded as she cried even more.
Vahn: am really sorry dera.
Dera: sorry cant bring him back dad!! His gone!!
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Mirabel was up as usual as she walked into the kitchen for a glass of water. She turned on the tv as she waited for lucas to arrive.
The first thing she saw was a breaking news, she was about tuning to her favorite channel when the broadcaster, began his news by saying the president’s secret party was ruined by a massive flooding last night and survivors are yet to be found.
Mirabel: no no no…thats must be the part my lucas attended….noo!!!….not my baby!!! She yelled a bit as she fell back into the couch, it almost seemed like her heart and head was gonna implode.
Sophia was on her way down for a glass of water too when she heard her mum screaming a bit.
Sopjia: mum!!! She said rushing over as she sighted her mum crying bitterly, whats wrong mum!!
Mirabel: all she could do was point at the screen.
Sophia: sophia’s heart almost stopped, when she saw the headline. As she hugged mirabel tightly she felt like her heart aching so bad like she wounded.
The news was everywhere in just one day, which spelt nothing but grief in the hearts of every citizens

to be continue