Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 134


Me: i quickly called on the waiter, who took our others, and in less than no time we had our meals well served in front of us.
Sophia: woow your service here is really efficient, she said complimenting Mr Keith who seemed to be lost in thoughts.
Me: are you alright sir??
Keith: uhmm yes lets eat he said smiling weirdly.
Me: still thinking about her? I asked smiling a bit as i stared at him from the corner of my eyes.
Keith: hahah excuse me??
Me: it’s not gonna be a bad idea you know, can i tell you a secret.
Keith: ok??
Me: i move a bit close, if you are thinking what i think you are thinking….. She likes Sophia a lot. I could make her to talk her into having a meal with you.
Keith: hahah i think you are way too smart for your age he said smiling.
Sophia: now i feel left out you know.
Keith: actually that won’t be…..wait a minute can you actually do that??
Me: smiling, i must say you are really friendly and just because we are business friends. I can absolutely make that happen.
Keith: really! if you do then am….
Me: cutting in, hahah don’t worry Mr Keith am not gonna charge you.
Sophia: coughing am lost here.
Me: ooh! Sophia, Mr Keith and I just made some other business deal.
Sophia: ok she said looking at us weirdly.
Me: i got out my cell phone, sent her a text, go to the rest room for a moment.
Sophia: excuse me she said before leaving.
Me: that’s her i said showing him a cute photo of mum. With a smile.
Keith: his eyes unconsciously shown open, that’s my Mirabel he thought, she’s a goddess he said with a smile.
Me: you can say that again, of course as a business man, you know nothing is free.
Keith: hahahah money won’t be a problem.
Me: naaah! I already told you am not gonna charge you but it’s not gonna be free you know, because it’s not going to be easy.
Keith: yeah i get it, so tell me what you want?
Me: i want you to be present at my birthday party i said with a smile.
Keith: hahahah this time he laughed so hard. You are really something, well that won’t be a problem. Are you sure you only want me to attend your party?
Me: yeap i said smiling, do we have a deal?? I asked as we shook hands in agreement.
Keith: i thought you were gonna ask for something really big you know.
Me: this is way bigger than money and then Sophia took her seat.
Sophia: so Mr Keith when are you gonna visit Coasta Rica?
Keith: from the way i see it, uhmm i think it’s gonna be soon he said with a smile.
Me: we’d be leaving today
Keith: why leave in a hurry??
Sophia: there are a few thing’s which need’s our urgent attention at the office
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After eating we exchanged business cards before leaving, and then we drove back to the hotel for our luggage.
Sophia: don’t you think we are leaving too sudden.
Me: nope i think we are done here.
Sophia: we could hang around a little, to persuade him a bit.
Me: i know you desperately want to stay a little more, but we need not persuade him anymore.
Sophia: so what did you guys talk about?
Me: i told him mum liked you a lot, and am gonna make you fix a lunch date between them.
Sophia: woow and if that doesn’t work?.
Me: then we could give it our last shot at my birthday because he’d be coming.
Sophia: you invited him to your birthday??
Me: yeah i said smiling.
Sophia: that’s cool, wait a minute i thought mum gave birth to us on the same day?
Me: yup you’ve got a problem with that i asked playfully.
Sophia: why is my birthday different from yours?
Me: perhaps your dad altered yours he said with a smile.
Sophia: so it’s gonna be our birthday right?? She said smiling.
Me: of course, and with Keith visiting Coasta Rica twice, i know our plan would be successful.
Sophia: my dad always say every wonderful plan needs a plan B, so what if the 2nd meeting is ruined?
Me: then we’d have to kidnap them both. I said with a smile.
Sophia: hahahah i really hope it doesn’t get to that.
I made sure i took some sleeping pills before we flew back to Coasta Rica, i wouldn’t want history repeating itself as i fell into a deep sleep.
To be continued ……