Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 135


********KEITH HARRELLS********
He has always seen love as a fairy tale, just like the once he has seen in movies and read in novels until he met this wonderful girl. He could still remember how her smiles made him laugh all day, her eyes sparkles like a distant star. To crown it all she was smart, on a good day, if he was to define perfect in 2 words. He’d say Mirabel Mcffaden.
Bit by bit he found himself falling so deeply in love with her, and somehow the feeling was reciprocated. The bond they shared grew stronger everyday, he still remember beating up a guy just because he called her a b—h.
After graduation, i never stopped imagining how it’s gonna feel like spending a lifetime with her. But at some point, life got in the way and i had to take over my family’s business while she returned home, she never wanted to be away from me, i still remember how bad she felt when she knew she was gonna be living without me for a while.
I had to promise i’d be coming back as soon as i can, to take her away. I was bombarded with a whole lot of activities and communication decreased. It got to a point when my P.A had to take all my calls, because the only time i had was bed time and that’s how we lost contact. I felt bad for not showing up as promised, knowing how bad she must have felt. I felt even more bad because i was gonna be even more tied down. I tried my best to cut down my schedules which took over a year plus.
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After a long time i had to abandon everything, boarded the first flight down to Coasta Rica, i went in search of her. To hear the most devastating news ever. She was married to some one else. Even when i watched her walked by, i hid myself because i couldn’t master enough courage to have a talk with her. It’s been a long time now, I wouldn’t want to interfere in her life.
I tried really hard to move on, i tried giving up those beautiful memories, i got married to an american lady, hoping all that feeling would change. But years passed and i felt nothing for her. All i did was work, work and work and then i found out she had an affair with someone else, to make matters worse, she wasn’t even sorry about it. We divorced, and i then i met a model, who i thought i liked, she was funny and beautiful. I tried so hard to make our relationship work. No matter how i think about it i had to move on. But she was more in love with my money than she was with me. We finally tied the nuts and then She made away with my money, all i saw was a written note from her.
I totally gave up the idea of getting married, all i wanted was some lady who’s willing to give birth to my child. I had a really hard time finding a decent lady. Only yesterday some kid showed up at my office, after a business proposal. We had lunch together, after a little chat with him. I found out he was only on an errand for the love of my life. Hearing her name again, revived all faded memories and then he said something interesting.
Keith: she’s now divorce he thought, while he sat in his office, it was getting pretty late already.
They say true love stands the test of time, if only she feels half the way i feel, then i’d know what i felt was real. I think the only reason why she wants such a deal with me is perhaps because, she still feel incomplete just like i do. He really wished he could see her right away.

After a really long journey, it was dark already. We were back to Coasta Rica, Lucas was still in a really deep sleep. All effort to wake him was fruitless. Ray had to carry him on his shoulder to our car and then we drove home.

Sophia: Ray if mum get’s curious about who you are, just tell her you are our designated driver ok?
Ray: that won’t be a problem ma’am. He said as he carried Lucas into the house.
Mirabel: she was watching a soap when Sophia walked in.
Sophia: mum!!! She called in excitement as she quickly gave her a hug.
Mirabel: look at my baby!! She said smiling, where is luc…..just then her eyes fell on the strange man, with Lucas on his shoulder. What happened to him.
Sophia: i told you he is air sick, he took sleeping pills she said smiling.
Sophia led Ray to Lucas’ room where he was carefully laid on his bed.

To be continue…….