Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 133


Its a beautiful Thursday morning, she woke up to see Pamela still sleeping, as she noiselessly walked out of her room.
The lawyer stopped by yesterday, to inform them about Milano’s arrest although the kids were shocked, Vanessa wasn’t, and she didn’t intend getting involved too. After he left, Ricky and Damian was kinda worried. But she assured them they had nothing to worry about, after adding a few soothing words.
Everyone one was calm again except for Pamela who remained glued to her, asking to see her dad. She tried calming her down over and over, but she payed deaf ears. Soon she’s had enough of her endless murmurings and then she yelled at her. Which only made things worst, because all she did was cry like a baby denied of cookies and that’s how she ended up sleeping in mums room.
Vanessa was out to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she couldn’t help but wonder how a teenager would cry and act like a baby. She really couldn’t stand it anymore, perhaps the love and affection showered on her was way too much she thought.
It’s a beautiful day, since i had nothing doing, except for my appointment with Mr Keith at noon. I decided to sleep a bit more, but Sophia just wont let me.
Sophia: Lucas!!!!
Me: what!! I murmured.
Sophia: don’t tell me you gonna sleep until noon.
Me: exactly how i planned it i said smiling a bit as i covered my face with the blanket.
Sophia: she swiftly pulled it away, you are going to the pool with me.
Me: do i have to come??
Sophia: of course you have to!!
Me: leave me alone!!!!
Sophia: there’s no way that’s happening.
Me: fine!!
We played volley ball together in the pool as a few ladies joined too making it even more fun. After that we had ice cream before going back to our room, to get ready for today’s meeting with Mr Keith.
We got off the hotel and drove down to Harrell’s spices together.
Me: are you ready?
Sophia: are you? She asked back with a smile on her face as we walked in to the restaurant to see Mr Keith already waiting.
Me: i had to check my wrist watch again to be sure i wasn’t late.
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Keith: your watch isn’t playing any trick on you, actually i like arriving at least 5 minutes to the time, on any appointment he said with a smile.
Me: that’s a relief i said smiling back.
Keith: at the office its strictly business, right here we could talk as business friends. So why is your company interested in my restaurant?
Sophia: actually sir our company isn’t, our partners are.
Keith: how do you mean.
Sophia: our company just signed a partnership deal with Fadden Corp, it is the CEO who is interested in your restaurant, as partners, helping out won’t be a bad idea, isn’t that right Mr Keith she asked with a smile.
Keith: that’s right, so can you at least tell his name?
Sophia: her actually
Keith: ok??
Sophia: her name is Mirabel Mcffaden, she said mum’s name as we fixed our gaze on him, to spot even the slightest show of emotion.
Me: looking at him he seemed to be having numerous thought running through his head. She’s got a very amazing business profile and to top it all she’s a law graduate of Harvard. I added with smiles on my face.
The surprised looks we saw on his face was so vivid, there’s no doubt he’s the one.
Sophia: sir are you okay.
Keith: yeah am fine i mean she must be a great lad,  he said with a weird smile.
Me: not just great, and nice too.
Sophia: she’s my mentor, she said with a grin.
Keith: he knew Mirabel is married but after all this years she still wants a deal with him, he just cant understand why. I should have known, such deals doesn’t exist anywhere. That’s lovely he said with a smile, she must have great kids too.
Me: uhmm there’s something i just don’t understand.
Keith: whats that??
Me: have known you for just a few days, seeing how nice you are i still wonder why any woman would want to divorce you.
Keith: chuckled a bit, you can never be nice to every one.
Me: and just like you, i wonder why any man would leave a wonderful lady as such, i mean i wish she was way younger you know, i wouldn’t think twice, i said winking.
Keith: hahaaha that funny, his smiles wearied off bit by bit, you mean she’s divorced too??
To be continued…..