Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 131


We got back to our hotel, ate lunch before going back to our room. I fell into the huge bed to rest my muscles a bit.
Sophia: let me guess, you are tired?
Me: of course i am tired!
Sophia: am not surprised hahah lazy a-s!!
Me: hahaha say what ever you like Sophia, am not gonna cry #tongue out.
Sophia: ooh please she said as she took out her laptop.
Me: what is she doing??
Sophia: updating my diary of course.
Me: alright i just hope you don’t talk to your diary about me.
Sophia: that’s exactly what i intended.
We talked for a while before i got lost in sleep world, which wasn’t part of my plans. I only wanted to rest a bit, well i guess that’s what you get sleeping on a really comfortable bed. I woke up after some hours and Sophia was still busy with her laptop.
Me: and now what is she up to??
Sophia: adding today’s photos to my collection she said with a smile.
Me: i turned to see the wall clock  5:29 pm. Oooh my God!!
Sophia: stop yelling!!
Me: i thought you were my sister.
Sophia: hahah are you alright?
Me: you knew i had a date and you didn’t even bother waking me.
Sophia: ooh my bad, i didn’t want to disturb you. Rather than arguing with me, you could go get ready.
I jumped into the shower, washed up, dried my wet body quickly.
Sophia: you are really going out on a date! Haahah i have to video this moment.
Me: i sat in front of the mirror to arrange my messy hair.
Sophia: let me help you with that, you know since it a flirty date you gonna need a pro.
Me: alright i said smiling, as she arranged my hair and applied a few make up on my face, after my complains of not wanting anything girlish. Soon she was done, i stared at myself in the mirror, she really did a great job, i thought smiling as i got my tie on.
Sophia: and now you are looking really cute, now give me a smile.
Me: alright ma’am i said smiling.
Sophia: are you watching a comedy show? Now here’s how to give a really beautiful and flirty smile, she said smiling a bit.
Me: i tried imitating her.
Sophia: ahaaa!! Perfect, that’s gonna make her drool.
Me: you are naughty Sophy.
Sophia: it 5:52 pm already!
Me: am out i said rushing to the door.
Sophia: hey! Hold on you are forgetting this she said, i turned back swiftly, as she almost emptied my bottle of cologne on me.
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I arrived at the restaurant 25 mins late, well i thought i wasn’t gonna meet her. When my eyes found her sitting alone, she was looking wonderful though, i have to admit.
Me: you are looking beautiful i said with the smile.
Maureen: she looked into her watch, you are 25 minutes late.
Me: something a bit urgent came up, how about i buy you an apology drink.
Maureen: that wont be……
Me: i decided to try the smile Sophia thought me.
Maureen: that would be lovely she said smiling back.
Me: i called on the waiter, who got us red wine.
Maureen: so tell me about yourself
Me: am great at playing basket ball.
Maureen: haahha just that?
Me: people who knows me quite well would wanna say am boring.
Maureen: you know everyone has their opinion.
Me: so whats yours??
Maureen: i think you are cool.
Me: your turn miss.
Maureen: i like playing ping pong and i play pretty well, even Mr Keith is scared of me.
Me: woow i think am scared too, wait a minute you play ping pong with Mr Keith?
Maureen: yea she said smiling.
Me: woow i cant imagine you playing ping pong with your boss!! I think Mr Keith is a wonderful man.
Maureen: yea he is.
Me: but somethings still get me confused.
Maureen: and what could that be.
Me: as wonderful as he is, why would any lady want to divorce him.
Maureen: yeah actually Mr Keith has been married twice.
Me: whoa!! Why is that?
Maureen: the first lady was cheating on him, and the 2nd stole his money. Rumor has it that he only wanted a contract marriage.
Me: why would he want that.
Maureen: i dunno maybe because his heart has been broken beyond repair. She said with a smile.
Me: hahaha that’s funny, enough of Mr Keith already lets toast to us, to a wonderful friendship i said with a smile. Just then my phone ranged. Excuse me please
Ricky: hey man
Me: how’s the vacation going??
Ricky: dad has been arrested, he’s gonna be tried for defrauding his company!
Me: what??
To be continued…