Good Sin Season 2 – Episode 2 – “Flashback”


Just then her mother began trembling and all of sudden she just fell down heavily on the floor and within a short while, her body laid on the floor completely motionless.
Meanwhile, Dzifa was getting ready for bed, it seems she was finally settling in as a wife and had moved back to their matrimonial home. She came out of the shower and met her husband, Patrick, who seemed to be lost in thoughts over the revelation Dzifa had made earlier that night.
Patrick was seated on the bed looking very worried and just when Dzifa came out of the shower; he again started throwing questions at her all over again.
“Do you mind telling me what you meant by Eva was responsible for your barrenness? He asked.
Dzifa smiled, knowing what was really eating her husband up. Before Dzifa got married to Patrick, she was secretly involved with a young man from her church. Eva was the only person who knew of Dzifa’s relationship. She couldn’t come out publicly because she was already betrothed to Patrick.
Dzifa thought that, the only way she can get to marry this young guy was to get pregnant for him and just after two months when she discovered she was pregnant, she and Eva decided to celebrate about the news.
She refused several times when Eva offered her alcohol to drink as they were celebrating at Eva’s apartment. However, upon persistence on the part of Eva, she finally drunk it. Though the liquor was very tasty and pleasant to Dzifa, the alcohol content was very high. She kept on drinking until finally she was totally drunk. That night, when she got home, she had a miscarriage and was rushed to the hospital. It was declared to her that the damage was caused due to the alcohol content, making her barren.
All this while, Eva never knew about it though she was aware of her friend’s miscarriage. She was even ignorant of the fact that the alcohol she gave Dzifa was the cause of her miscarriage. To avoid shame, Dzifa’s father quickly arranged marriage between his family and that of Patrick’s. Dzifa on the other had no other option, she was made to marry Patrick though she had no feelings for him and even after their marriage, Dzifa told Patrick about the miscarriage she had but did not make it known to Patrick that it led to her barrenness with the hope that it will deter Patrick but it all failed. Patrick even loved her more.
Dzifa then told Patrick everything and it was obvious that he was very disappointed in Eva. Patrick thought that she, Eva should have known better. Recognizing the disappointments, Dzifa deliberating started sobbing just to make Patrick feel bad and of course she succeeded, she knew Patrick’s weakness very well.
“You just abandoned me for that girl just because I am incapable of giving you a child, and when she lied to you that she was pregnant for you, you were even ready to let her take my place…” Dzifa said pushing him to the wall.
He felt very bad, and tried to comfort Dzifa, forgetting the circumstance of which Eva had to lie to him.
“Baby, I am sorry. Can we forget about her and let’s make our marriage work? He said.
“Really, are you sure” Dzifa asked him.
He then took her hand and looked straight into her eyes and answered her.
“I am absolutely sure my love” He answered.
“Then, make me a promise that you will not ever in your life come close to her, in fact, I need you to fire her” She said.
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That was way beyond Patrick’s expectations, he never wanted to fire Eva, apart from the affection he had for her, he knew how productive she can be. However there was nothing he can do knowing very well that his work was under constant surveillance of his wife.
“Baby don’t you think that’s too much” Patrick said. Just then, Dzifa stood up, acted very angrily and attempted to leave the bedroom. Patrick grab her as she tried to leave and there they were, very close to each other. He didn’t remember the last time they were this close and instantly, his blood rose hot. Dzifa knew what Patrick wanted and so she used it as an advantage.
“Make me that promise if you really love me” Dzifa said.
“I promise my love, that’s the end, she won’t be anywhere around me, that is the end” he said.
Suddenly, Dzifa pushed him onto the bed, took off her shower jacket and there she stood, completely naked. Then she came right on top of Patrick, and then she began unbuttoning his shirt. Patrick was in haste as it has been ages since he last slept with his wife. He knew this night was going to be a special one, and he just can’t wait for it especially with Dzifa playing the role of a man now.
With the help of the neighbors, Eva’s mother was rushed to the hospital and immediately she was taken to the emergency ward. That night hasn’t been easy for Eva at all with the series of events she had been through and now there lies her mother, on the sick bed when she was about to reveal a top secret she had been anticipating to hear.
She was made to stand out while the doctors attended to her mother. It’s already 1 am and Eva was so desperate waiting for the doctor to come out and tell her the situation of her mother.
She moved to and fro right in front of her mother’s ward, then suddenly the door to the ward opened. Just the one she was expecting to see, the doctor came out. She quickly rushed to him and asked how her mother was faring.
“Doc, how is she, tell me, what’s wrong, is she alright” She desperately asked. The doctor was not very cheerful, even with his face; you could tell there was bad news.
To be continued.
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