Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 128


We got out of the hotel, board a cab to the stand, to hire a car.
Sophia: i’d love a cab better you know.
Me: yeah but you know we need something even more prestigious.
Sophia: and why is that?
Me: picture yourself boarding a cab, alighting in front of harrell’s spices. Walk through the door asking to see the boss.
Sophia: and whats wrong with that??
Me: ok now, imagine me alighting from a Porsche car, stroll right into that same restaurant with my sunshade on. Walk up to the receptionist, i want to see your boss! Do you ever think i’ll be pushed aside.
Sophia: alright you know best just pick a car and lets get going, she said with a smile.
We picked a white Porsche car, drove straight down to harrell’s spices. It was a lot more huge than i pictured, unlike other restaurant it had relaxation center/game center on the right and huge cinema to the left, those were the few things my eye’s caught.
Me: i know you’ve got no sunshade girl, don’t feel bad, just follow my lead i said smiling as i got it on.
Sophia: its always in my bag, whenever am on a trip she said with a smirk, reaching for hers.
Me: cool!! Lets do this i said as we both alighted, walked in through the glass door, heading straight to the receptionist, with Sophia clinging to my left arm.
Receptionist: hello sir how may i  help you? She asked politely.
Me: i want to see your boss
Receptionist: do you have any appointment?
Me: nope but trust me he’d want to see me.
Receptionist: ok?? She said giving us a weird look. She made a call and a huge man led us up to the 2nd floor of the building.
Lady: hello am Maureen
Me: nice to meet you Maureen, i said to the beautiful blonde hair girl, probably in her 30’s.
Maureen: actually am Mr Keith’s P.A, we try to do things orderly and formally of course, i apologize just for any inconvenience. So if you don’t mind me asking, what business do you have with the boss? can i see some ID??
Me: taking my sunshade of, as the manager of Mj resource which is officially partnering with Fadden’s corp presently. My establishment has a proposal for Mr Keith. So do you think i can see him like now?
Maureen: your name plsss
Me: am Lucas Martinez and that’s Sophia my secretary.
Maureen: nice to meet you Sophia, plsss make yourself comfortable, i’d be back in a few minutes. She said before leaving.
Sophia: you are such a liar!! She whispered smiling.
Me: hahha oh plsss you shouldn’t be saying that in here.
We waited for a while and then she was out, you can see Mr Keith now.
Me: seeing Keith who was obvious in his forties, his hairs were all white, but i think they only made him look cuter. Hello Mr Keith
Keith: you must be Mr Lucas he said smiling a bit as we had a firm handshake. You know Maureen said you were young, but frankly i never expect you to be this young he said smiling a bit.
Me: hahaha, am really full of surprises you know.
Keith: yeah obviously, i mean being a resource manager at a company as big as yours, at your age. Its…just…..he seemed to be looking for the right word.
Me: surprising?
Keith: exactly! So what is it you want?
Me: first my company MJ, am sure you’ve heard about us. Having seen how successful and wonderful harrell’s spices is, we would like to partner with you.
Keith: ok?
Me: collectively we’ve decided to set up another harrell’s spices in Coasta Rica. You have nothing to worry about because we get to bear all the risk. We’d do all the funding. You only have to supervise and 30% percent of the profit is yours.
Keith: you know harrell’s spices is a family legacy, there’s no better way of being successful than reaching the entire globe, i think we have a deal he said smiling a bit.
Me: right now i came with no document for you to sign on.
Keith: i was about asking the same
Me: my boss has this believe that a man can be efficient, but when he’s married, he is productive. Are you married Mr Keith??

To be continued…..