Passion and Power – Monday (14-11-16)



In today’s episode:
Julia tells Gabby that she believed Eladio again and gave him a second chance but everything was a lie and Gabby says Franco wants to speak with her but Julia doesn’t want to do so.
Nina tells Daniela that she has thought of something and that is she wants Ashmo to be the godfather of Consuelo’s son.
Julia confronts Eladio to tell her once and for all who Franco’s mother is and Eladio though it seemed really tough, frankly told her that Caridad is Franco’s mother and Julia goes crazy.
Miguel insists that Agustin continues with Consuelo’s divorce before Erick wakes up from coma because he is sure that if Erick wakes up he isn’t going to grant Consuelo the divorce but Augustin still wants to allow Erick to wake up or better still consult Consuelo first. 
Nina tells Arturo that she prefers Ashmo to be the Godfather but he rather thinks Augustin should rather be as he is the family’s adviser and knows what is best but Nina thinks Arturo should think about Ashmo because by so doing, it will also be good for business purposes and Arturo thinks Consuelo will be the right person to decide on that.
David looks so angry at Eladio after he told him that he had a son with another woman and David says his acts is unforgivable because keeping quiet only hurts them more.
Arturo tells Nina that he still wants them to continue the divorce and Nina wants him to change his mind but Arturo  insists and so Nina tells him that since now they are married for 25yrs, she wants him to give her half of the inheritance if not she wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. Arturo then says if so, he is willing to take her to court.
Julia confronts Caridad about the situation of flirting with her husband and then acting like a Good Samaritan not knowing she was making a fool out of her and Caridad explains things to her that she never wanted to say anything to hurt her because the fact is she fell in love with him and believed Eladio’s promises and Julia tells Caridad that she can go have Eladio because he is worth nothing to her again.
Eladio would want to speak with Julia and he hopes that she will understand and forgive him but Humberto thinks Julia can’t stand being betrayed and therefore doesn’t think she will forgive him if she failed to forgive Arturo for cheating on her when they were not even married but Eladio still wants to try because Julia loves him now unlike Arturo.
Justino tells Clara that he has fallen in love with her and Clara also says she also loves him so much and they kiss and look so happy.
Franco steals Arturo’s old letter from Julia’s drawer and keeps it for only god knows what reasons.
David meets with his mum and they discuss many things like they now understand why Eladio preferred Franco over him and even giving him those shares.
Arturo tells Consuelo about Nina’s suggestion of making Ashmo to be the godfather but he prefers Augustin and Consuelo thinks Augustin will be a good godfather to her son but Arturo makes her to just accept and make both (Ashmo and Augustin) to be the god parents of her son to just put Nina at ease but Consuelo accepts Augustin instead.
Caridad tells Eladio that since the truth is out now, he has to recognize Franco and give him his name if not she is going to blow the news to the whole world who Franco’s father is and Eladio says he won’t do that until Julia forgives him and Caridad becomes angry.
Daniela tells Ashmo that she will continue to convince he parents to make him the godfather of the child so they can continue to see each other often as she wants them to continue having fun. 
Consuelo prefers taking the child to her apartment to look after her but Nina still insists that won’t help and Consuelo asks her if she feels afraid that in her apartment she will get to have Miguel visiting her and Nina says Erick will come out of Coma soon to make those decisions and Consuelo states that is her wish so she can finally divorce Erick.
Julia also tells Gabby that Caridad is the mother of Franco. In the same vein, Eladio asks Franco to go find Marintia and come into an agreement with her if not he is going to lose Gabby as it is happening to him with Julia. He again tells him that he will look for the one who gave Julia that news and that person will regret doing that to him.