Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 129


Keith: hahahah impressive, well actually am now divorced.
Me: hmm i see
Keith: so tell me, am sure you are yet to get married how’s it you are the manager of your company?
Me: actually am still young you know.
Keith: and productive right?
Me: hahaha i get what your trying to say sir but you know it’s different with me.
Keith: how different??
Me: am only 20 still going through life stages and you are way over 40. And you know what they say life begins at 40, if at 40 you ain’t married you know what that means sir.
Keith: hahahha alright you win, you know what, i think i like you.
Me: oh! thank you Mr Keith.
Keith: am sure your dad must be such a proud father, you know i wish i could have a son like you.
Me: actually you still can i said almost unconsciously when Sophia gave me a soft tap.
Keith: how do you mean?
Me: you can get married again you know, am sure you’d find lots of beauties in Coasta Rica. You can consider visiting sometime.
Keith: hhaaha that’s funny. But i think now, it’s all about business.
Am sure he liked the deal a lot, of course who wouldn’t, when you don’t have to spend your cash to make more profit. We had a long chat, while i played around the fact that his divorced status could be a hindering factor to our deal. I promised i was gonna talk to my boss too, after we decided to meet tomorrow for lunch. I have to admit, i kinda like him a bit he seem like a really businessman, who’s a  bit jovial too, he had a wonder personality that can be really intimidating but obviously not for me.
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Mr Forbes ensured every board member received information about the board meeting that will be held tomorrow. One by one they all took their seat, until everyone was present. When Mirabel walked in, which spelled surprise on there faces. This meeting was suppose to be between board members, but no one spoke up, perhaps she’s here with another deal. Those were the thoughts they had in mind.
Forbes: he stood up, as he began his speech. I know you are all curious why i called this meeting. We all know that after every deal, everyone is supposed to get his own percentage. It’s quite unfortunate, someone secretly made a deal and embezzled all money, made from it, leaving us out. Now every one was anxious to know who exactly, as they payed rapt attention.
Forbes: well luckily our partner here, a passed law student of Harvard, has offered to help see that the culprits get punished to the full extent of the law. These document over here is one of the secret deals made by the former CEO of this great establishment.
Milano: the shock on he face can not be explained by words, he sat comfortably while Forbes talked about someone defrauding the company after a deal. Because he knew he had nothing to do with it, but how is it that his name is being mentioned. He wondered as he watch the documents go round as the board member’s stared at it in shock, as murmurings were heard. And then it got to him, his eyes popped opened, seeing his signature.
Forbes: calm down everyone, Ma’am please he said gesturing Mirabel to take over.
Mirabel: well i know am not suppose to be here but since we are partners, i see nothing wrong with extending a arm of help once in a while. Milano has committed fraud against both this establishment and its members, which by law is equal to a jail sentence.
Milano: whoa whoa! I have never seen this document before this is all her doing, he said with a frustrated look as everyone murmured against him.
Mirabel: while that happened she said a few words into her phone, only God know’s who was on the other end, And then 3 men dressed in a cooperate outfit walked in standing behind him.
Milano: and what is this suppose to mean??
Man: you have to escort us to the yard sir!
Milano: this is definitely a missed up, i didn’t make any secret deal!!
Man: i’ll advice you call your lawyer, and stay calm.
Milano: alright fine lets go, he said as they led him towards the door. He stopped in front of Mirabel, this isn’t over Mirabel. He said looking obviously pissed.
Mirabel: hahah you fool, you have no idea what i can do to you. She thought maintaining a straight face. Its called justice Milano, she said before leaving.
To be continued…..