Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 127


After a wonderful sleep, Sophy’s voice was heard again.
Sophia: dinner is ready sleepy head.
Me: i rolled out of bed, heading straight to the dinning, the aroma was really yummy. I could even locate the dinning with my eyes , by simply taking the invincible route it led to.
I arrived at the dinning to see mum and Sophia already seated, i took my seat too smiling. Mum was about saying something when i delve into my food.
Mirabel: she chuckled ok! I guess we should just eat.
We sat in silence for a while and soon we were done with the food.
Sophia: mum am really tired of staying at home you know.
Mirabel: if this is some prank to keep following me to the office, its not gonna work!
Sophia: i don’t wanna go to the office, i want to go to New York.
Mirabel: to do what??
Sophia: just look around and take a few pictures, have got a great photo collection, you might wanna see it sometime.
Mirabel: ok ok fine you are free to go wherever you want Dophia!
Sophia: uhm thank you mum she said with a smile but….uhm……
Mirabel: come on i know its about cash right, you really don’t have to stammer about it, you gonna get lots of it.
Sophia: actually i was wondering if Lucas could come with me.
Me: huuuuh!!! Me!! No way!! Have never been any where before, i don’t wanna get lost.
Sophia: hahahah come on Lucas don’t worry you’d never get lost on my watch, plus i promise its gonna be fun.
Mirabel: are you scared of traveling??
Me: uhmm i really don’t know.
Sophia: that’s why i want him to come with me, he needs to leave Coasta Rica for at least a few days.
Mirabel: hmmm yeah i think you are right Sophia, Lucas now you have to quit the mummy’s boy act of yours and go with her.
Me: hahaha of course am my mummy’s boy, right Sophia!! I said grinning.
Sophia: are you coming!
Me: just because mum said so, am coming!!
Sophia: hahhaha yeah!!!! she said giving me a hi 5.
Mirabel: so when are you guys leaving?
Sophia: tomorrow, after getting a few things ready.
Mirabel: tomorrow!! That’s too quick for Lucas, you know he needs a bit of time to prepare.
Me: ooh! Come on! Mum tomorrow would be great.
Mirabel: alright goodnight guys she said giving us a peck. Am not gonna argue.
Right now we felt like screaming on top of our voices, i never thought it will be this easy you know. We had a little chat before falling asleep in her room.
It’s a Tuesday morning, we woke a bit late, it was 8:49 am already. Realizing mum must have left for the office, we quickly got dressed, put in a few things in our bag, which was properly arranged in the trunk of my car. We both drove down to grand dad’s house. We arrived at the huge gate and then a few mean looking securities, stepped out to identify us.
Man: your name plsss
Me: Lucas
Man: he checked through the list he had in his hand. Woow the boss grand son!! He yelled in his head. Sorry for keeping waiting, you may go in now.
We got in, parked my car in the space provided and walked into the huge house, to see grand dad in the living room.
Me: for the first time since we arrived i noticed the wowed looks on Sophia’s face, i chuckled a bit.
Micheal: Lucas!!! He said standing as he gave us a hug, you should have told me you were coming.
Me: sorry about that.
Micheal: well i could still give you kids a huge welcome.
Sophia: actually that wont be unnecessary, we have to be in Los Angeles like now.
Me: yeah!
Micheal: ok?? So why are you here?
Me: actually we were wondering if we could borrow your jet.
Micheal: ooh! Of course that wont be a problem. He picked his phone, punched a few button. Come over immediately, he said and in less than 3 mins a black dude walked in.
Man: sir! Am right here, He said bowing a bit.
Micheal: Lucas that’s Rey, he’s gonna take you guys to the hanger.
Me: actually we came in our car.
Micheal: you can pick it when you return. He said with a smile.
Sophia: Lucas lets go already, bye grandpa she said smiling and grabbing my arm, i said bye too before leaving.
It was 11:45 am when we arrived at the hanger, Rey led us into the huge jet before leaving.
Me: woow the chair is really comfortable, i said after taking my seat.
Sophia: there’s a waiter to get you what ever you want she said smiling.
Me: sure this is safe i asked looking a bit nervous. And then we were asked to fasten our seat belt by a radio, i felt my heart beat increase.
Sophia: smiling, don’t worry baby mom is right here.
Me: shut up!, i said as it began to move on the runway. Hmm this feels good.
Sophia: hahahha you wait until it gets ugly.
Just then its speed increased greatly and then i felt like i was gonna fall backward, i shut my eyes in fright as i scream unconsciously.
Me: i swear this has better be worth it i yelled!!! As the plane took off
To be continued