Mr perfect season 2 episode 113


It’s a beautiful saturday morning, sophia and i played the video game until we found ourselves lost in dreamworld, and thats exactly how we ended up sleeping on the couch. I felt so weak, like i haven’t had a good sleep.
Mirabel: morning sleepy head’s i see you both had a nice time on that couch she said with a smile.
Me: goodmorning mum i murmured as sophia said her greeting’s too. Are you going some where?
Mum: yes lucas i have to be at the office like now, plus! i have a meeting with a business partner, he’s someone am sure you’d love to see.
Sophia: i thought we were gonna see grand pa today??
Mirabel: oh! Sophia! I promised already, when am free i’ll take you there, she said giving her a peck on her fore head. I’d be leaving now, take care of your brother ok.
Me: mum!!
Mirabel: byeee lucas she said walking out.
Sophia: hahha you heard that right? now go upstairs and take your shower.
Me: hitting her playfully with a pillow hahaha am not a kid.
Sophia: aaaarrrghhhh i can’t believe we are not gonna see him today, i saw him in my dreams you know she said i smile.
Me: hahahah i know you desperately want to fly a private jet, but don’t you see the look on mum’s face?? when ever you talk about him… It’s obvious she really doesn’t want us around him.
Sophia: huuuh!! But she promised
Me: smiling she only said when she’s free and you think for some one who runs an investment as huge as Fadden’s corp there’s ever gonna be free time??
Sophia: so you mean mum lied?.
Me: nope, not at all am only saying is better you stop thinking you’d see grand dad soon to avoid getting your heart broken.
Sophia: it’s kinda confusing you know, mum saying she gonna take us there and yet she isn’t planning to ,you know that’s weird.
Me: exhaling, i know you are really hard to convince so if you gonna ask her plssss don’t bring me in, i was only being a nice bro you know. But trust me on this one its gonna take a while longer than you think girl. I said with a smile.
Sophia: well now that you’ve mentioned it, i think i’d have to go do other fun thing’s she said with a smile as she climbed the stairs happily.
Me: hahhahah her love for fun reminds me alot about someone, uhmmm yeah!! Ricky!!, well am not surprised i thought as i chuckled.
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He came back home today with a strong fragrance of alcohol, walking like he was gonna go tripping anytime soon.
Pamela: mum!! Dad’s home, she yelled as Vanessa rushed down to see her husband seemed to be recovering from a hangover.
Vanessa: honey what happened??
Milano: ooh sweetheart sorry i made you worry i was over a few bottles with my friend charles and i went all tipsy.
Vanessa: come on let me help you up she said grabbing his arm as they both ascended the stairs to their room.
Milano: thank you
Vanessa: now tell me i know you stopped drinking a long time ago why are you drunk.
Milano: oh! Vanessa! He said staring at her in the eye, if only you know what this is about am sure you would be out of this house by now, very far away from me as possible.
Vanessa: yea , you are only right about one thing, i can leave this house if i want, you know why because none of this is my home, you are Milan and you’re wrong because i can be far away from home, am home sick, she said with a faint smile.
Milano: staring at her, you are really a wonderful person Vanessa. But saying it right here makes me really uncomfortable like am gonna choke, you know the kids might be close. I’ll just have a quick shower, let’s get to a serene place and maybe talk about it.
Vanessa: alright my love just take your time ok. She said with a smile as she walked out.
To be continued