Mr perfect season 2 episode 114


I walked upstairs too, to do my hygiene and was down for breakfast when sophia came down all dressed up.
Me: where is she going??
Sophia: i wanna go see the movies and perhaps do a few strolling around.
Me: hahahaha you must have been so used to living a really free life?
Sophia: smiling, you can’t possibly imagine, it’s really fun you know taking a cab round town and beyond, seeing places.
Me: you really don’t have to take a cab, you can take my car or preferably mum’s cars are out there, her driver can take you.
Sophia: don’t worry lucas i’d be fine by myself i don’t like driving and i don’t need a stalker either.
Me: ok ma’am just don’t stay out too long ok? i wouldn’t want mum getting mad, i know there’s a lot of difference between now and then, either way, it doesn’t ends well.
Sophia: yes sire she said saluting like she was in the military, i’ll be early ok if i leave early.
Me: wait a minute are you skipping breakfast??
Sophia: am gonna eat out, she said as she hopped out.
Me: i exhaled as I finish my breakfast, i walked to the sitting room, there wasn’t much to do. I walked round the house trying to keep myself busy with something but then i couldn’t find anything i’d like to get busy with.
I climbed back to my room and was back down to the living room, i decided to get work update, as i view MJ website. I sent a mail to liz too.
Me: hello miss i know i have been away for a while and you know i need to be up to date, do you think you can help me with that? After about 5mins she sent a reply.
Liz: it’s just the same story you already know, your dad is no longer the CEO of MJ. And Mr Forbes who is now the CEO is making a deal with Fadden Corp. I know you were thinking closing time has been extended lucas but no so come to work.
Me: my eyes popped wild open as i read through the message, it’s definitely not a coincidence, mum would never partner with MJ am sure she has a hand in this. But what exactly is she planning??
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He drove to a relaxation centre with his wife, where they grabbed a seat at very nice spot.
Vanessa: alright we are here now
Milano: i was so young and youthful, just like lucas i was at MJ a whole lot working with dad and finally got an office. Then we had a deal with a richer organization. In the course of the deal, i met this beautiful lady, inasmuch as i hate to admit it i knew i was a p—–t and i also know i was so attracted to her, which drove me mad. And then fate smiled on me, both families came together and decided to seal their wonderful friendship by our union. I was really excited knowing i’ll get to have that beauty all to myself, but then, i knew my dad was even happier because of its benefits.
I tried doing everything to impress just like i did with other girls but she just seem to be seeing through me. It seemed like she knew the real me and that didn’t go down well with me because i wanted her so badly, i had to step up my game and finally we got married. And then i actually got tired of the pretense. I decided to leave my normal life, which kinda increased her hatred for me, each day that pass, i became so attracted to her, but she just won’t let me touch her. I was the only child of my parents and so was she, have never been denied anything before, it really got me angrier by the day and just when i had enough i decided to take it by force. I know my words will be offensive but am gonna say it anyway cos its the truth.
Vanessa: just nodded as she looked at him in shock.
Milano: it was raining that night when i came back angry and frustrated, walked into the room as i stared at her beautiful skin, right in those pj she had on. I lost it totally, after ripping her cloths, i was really disappointed, she was a virgin, but i just couldn’t stop myself anymore. She passed out after screaming for a while. I thought i have finally got what i want but the urge to do it over and over  again increased tremendously. And i did abuse her a number of times even when i knew it was toiling with her mind.
And finally i came home one day and she was gone, but she never left the same, i think she snapped, developed a mental-illness. I covered my tracks pretty well, until i met you, i was hunted by guilt, but you made me forget about my past.
Vanessa: she couldn’t say a word because this was way too much for her.
Milano: and then after 10 years she was really going nut, she somehow showed up at charles’ hospital with lucas and then i took the kid.
Vanessa: she just stared at him as tear’s gathered up in her eyes, the only thing that said in her head was he is a devil!
Milano: and right now that lady, Mirabel Mcffaden is back to  revenge Vanessa, she wants to destroy me
To be continued