Mr perfect season 2 episode 112


Mirabel: hahaha i cant possibly imagine she said caressing sophia’s hair a bit.
Sophia: mum when are we going to see our grand-dad??, she asked resting her head on her shoulders.
Mum: you have nothing to worry sophi at my free time i’d take you guys there, she said smiling uneasily.
Me: i think this weekend would be perfect i said with a smile.
Sophia: yes lucas weekend would be great!! i can’t wait to travel in his jet she said smiling.
Me: hahaha sophia don’t make me think you are more interested in flying the private jet than seeing your grand-daddy.
Sophia: lucas!! Well am interested in both.
Mirabel: alright alright i have to go fix something for dinner she said as she stood and walked towards the kitchen.
Sophia: and how about i show you how to play this?
Me: hahhaa am really horrible
Sophia: don’t worry i’ll go easy on you she said smiling, i grabbed my pad and sat close to him
Me: alright lets go.
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she was back home with a few things. Showered and was in the kitchen trying to fix something for dinner, just then her phone rang.
Dera: hello schwartz
Schwartz: i just took a sick leave and you know from the countdown we have just 8days left to prepare.
Dera: i know how important this is, so important that we cannot afford to ruin it.
Schwartz: i guess i’ll be seeing you tomorrow then, have got a few things i want to show you.
Dera: alright then see you tomorrow she said dropping the line.
Soon you all are gonna pay she said out loud, when a voice popped in my head. When its time every member of black spiders would be destroyed, but what if the name Mcffaden wasnt just a mere coincidence, what if he is somehow related to lucas?? Am sure it’s someone else she said out loud, am gonna prove that.
She got out of the kitchen, to her room grabbed her ipad as she did a google search on the name MICHEAL MCFFADEN. Clicked on the option which seemed to have exactly what she was looking for. She did a quick read through all the meaningless things they wrote about him until her eyes found something useful. His family solely funded Fadden’s Corp from the scratch to the finish, although now retired he is succeeded by his daughter Mirabel Mcffaden who is now the current CEO of Fadden’s Corp.
Dera: her mouth flew open in shock, he’s lucas grand-dad!!! She yelled  unconsciously. No no there’s got to be some other person with that name she thought as she search and searched with all result pointing at the same person.
 She rubbed her hair backward in frustration, for the first time i am one step ahead of them with just the perfect plan to make this all end.
Dera: what do i do now?? I really can’t stop now she said out loud, when a voice gave a reply in her head, lucas will never forgive you, when he finds out you killed he’s grand-dad.
You should have been some one else Micheal!! She yelled angrily. And now i guess i have to choose, those thought’s made tears flow down her cheeks both meant so much to her.
Exhaling, Dera variz you’ve come to the point where you have to take a really big leap. I think this is my chance to make the right decision. Am really going crazy!!! She ran her hands through her hair vigorously attempting to ruin it.
She walked to her dad’s room grabbed a photo of him, with tears in her eyes.
Dera: exhaling deeply, i started something dangerous dad, i thought i would be able to make those people pay, well i could have. I found those murderers dad, but something else found me and thats love, she said sobbing a bit.
I know you’d be really disappointed but i think i found someone i love just a bit more than you dad and i really can’t let anything ruin that. She said shutting her eyes tightly, with a bitter facial expression. I know i said lots of goodbye in the past dad, only this time it scares me a whole lot. I hope it’s all worth it she said sitting on the floor holding her dad’s picture to herself, as she cried bitterly. I choose the future and not the past.
To be continued