Mr Perfect Episode 9


​5years after………………
Today was the scheduled day for the graduation of high school seniors. Ricky and lucas dressed wonderfully in there graduation gown. This was a day lucas always looked forward to.
For the past 5years he has always been in contact with his mum, he sent her mails, which she always replied. Whenever he talks about seeing her, its always been one excuse or the other which he was never comfortable with. And today he really hoped he was gonna see her for the first time in 5years, no matter how far she wanted to be from him. He only wished she was here just this once.
While the ceremony took place his eyes wandered around to catch a glimpse of her, while he put up a false smile as family and friends came by to congratulate him. He took photos with them and finally the event was over. She was no where insight.
Lucas: she wanted me to be this kind of person but why isnt she here?? He asked himself over and over again but the only answer he got was the hurting feelings from his heart. And soon one by one everyone began to leave, he doubled up in the search for his mum with even more curiousity. The result he got, made his heart ache even more.
Ricky: what’s wrong man?? He asked seeing his disturbed looks
Lucas: she didnt make it here
Ricky: squeezing his shoulders a bit hard take it easy man.
Lucas: it feels like am being fooled, i feel like am being played ric i cant take it easy.
Ricky: are you sure she got your mails about the graduation??
Lucas: i sent her 10mails, even sent a message through dad, and yet she isnt here??. Something is definitely not right ricky.
Joe: its time to go guys
Ricky: lets talk it over at home
He reluctantly followed them to the limo, he sat at the back facing sideways, with facial expression showing full disapointment.
Joe: turned to ricky whats wrong with him?
Ricky: his mum didnt show up
Joe: perhaps something came up or her schedule isnt covenient, you know
Ricky: he feels something isnt right about all this.
He was silent all through the short drive home, finally they were home, he walked into the house like someone who just lost his job, walked passed everyone into the living room, got into his room and fell on his bed.
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Sitting in the living room was pamela and damian watching their favourite show.
Pamela: looking amused# what is wrong with him??
Damien: i have no idea, just then ricky walked in.
Pamela: ric whats wrong with lucas??
Ricky: exhaled# his mum didnt show up at the graduation
Damian: i thought dad sent a message across to her??
Pamela: nodding in agreement.
Ricky: perhaps it’s aint much of a priority to her, i’ll be in my room.
Gathered all letters sent in his mums name, walked down the stair to the electric furnace. Burnt them one after another as tears ran down his check. The pains his heart felt were more than that of a thousand bullet. While his brothers and sister stood behind and watched him set the papers ablaze until he was out of papers to burn.
Pamela: stepping forward to where he sat, its ok now luke, its time to let go. She said pulling him up and hugging him, there are lots of people who care about you than the one who doesnt, she wispered in his ears.
Damian: its time to move on luke.
To be continued