Mr Perfect Episode 10


Over the years our bond as brother and sister was strenghtened. And now here infront of me, right in my arms, even without words, his heart spoke painful words. I was hurt, we all felt his pains but we couldnt help the situation. Nothing could be done for this brother.
Damian: walking forward to where they were tapping his shoulders gently. We’ve got your back bro he said joining the hug.
Pamela: ricky!!!! She yelled sarcastically.
Ricky: am close to tears already he said in a funny tone. As they bursted into laughter and chased after him almost immediately. Soon launch was ready they all ate, making funny comments about each other.
Lucas was at his best trying to forget, looking at the mirror all he could see was a broken kid. He lost picture of everything, he wanted to hear his mum say am proud of you. And now whats the point when all years of hope has gone down the sink like they were nothing.
He went outside to met Joe, he has always looked out for him, he was always available. He punched the silver button of the wrist watch.
Joe: smile# you have no idea how long have waited to hear this beeping sound.
Lucas: just smiled
Joe: you were fond of it when you were alot more younger you know.
Lucas: exhaled# today has turned out to be the worst day of my life joe
Joe: let me guess, mum didnt show up as promised.
Lucas: nodds and right now all i want badly is to see her.
Joe: from what your dad said mum wants you to be a better man luke, well you surely dont expect her to come running and hugging just because you graduated from high school.
Lucas: i just wanted to see her.
Joe: when its time luke you’ll see her and the more successful you become the better your chances of seeing.
Lucas; i dont understand
Joe: take a look around, all these belongs to your dad. In future his legacies and properties would be handed over to his children. You could be a man with his own legacies, you could be strong, rich, influencial and build your own empire, just like your dad. When you are that kind of person, no matter where your mum is hiding you can always find her. I guess thats why she didnt show up today.
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Lucas: his word made alot of sense to him, he smiled to himself. Thanks joe he said, as he went straight into his room with joe’s words still echoing louder and louder in his head. He’d do anything to see his mum again.
He brought out his diary and penned down a few word before going to bed. Woke up the next morning feeling a bit relieved. It almost seemed like his world was resized, his heart felt lighter. He showered and got dressed, punch the silver buttons of his watch. While he walked out of the house.
Joe: you are up so early
Lucas: he turned, i want you to help me be successful.
Joe: you are alone on this track luke i can only show you how.
Lucas: am ready
he got him lots of books, with innovative business ideas, which he spent almost the whole of the day reading. Well everyone was suprised at the current lucas, but as long as he was fine no one questioned his actions.
To be continued