Mr Perfect Episode 11


​he was frequent at the bookshop, and at home he was busy with books, it almost seemed like he was addicted to it. Although he havent gotten any wonderful plan or innovation, but he was gaining more insight, the future he wanted he could see it.
It was summer vacation pamela was busy with novels and her favourite movie channels as usual. Ricky alway hanged out with his basket ball team mates, damian, on his free time was more like daddy’s wing man. He went to the office with him, which earned him an extra year at home.
Today like every other day he was done with the books, he came home with the last time. Joe wasnt around, he showered got dressed. Grabbed his leather jacket strolled down to the book shop. The attendant was an middle-aged man in his 40’s was already getting familiar with him because of his frequent visit.
Lucas: goodmorning he said to the attendant
attendant: how was your night sir??
Lucas: uhmmm wonderful
Attendant: i’d be back in a minute he said as he quickly made available the new set of idea innovating kind of books. He paid for the books and left almost immediately back home.
He got himself busy with the books when he heard loud ladies screams, he knew those were pamela and her friends having there crazy girls time out.
weeks later ricky and i were offered admission at patmos college and with dad’s influence damian was to be admitted too. He was already dying of anticipation, he wished he could speeden up the whole proccess. He wanted to be a programmer, he calmed himself with dr.fine’s words in one of his books “for those with dreams each passing day only brings you one step close to making you dream a reality”.
For 5years her condition improved greatly although all her memories were gone leaving just childhood memories. Charles was at his best to see she recovered fully. Milan has been his friend longer than he can imagine, they did all bad stuff and good stuff together.
He saw mirabel, 6times in a week for 5whole years, somehow his emotions got in the way. Seeing her has a way of making his heart hurts. He feels almost like he has a hand in her present condition. It did hurt his feeling to know those insignificant things his friend did is the reason shes like this for 15 whole years. In all this he knew his sins was greater, he knew what milan was doing but he said nothing about it. He was so lost deep in thought when a nurse walked in.
Nurse: doctor charles parents of the patient in ward 7 are here.
Charles: oooh, i’ll join you immediately. He closed the files on his table and walked towards the room were mirabel was kept.
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Mirabel: was looking quite normal she smiled frequently, she still recognized her mum and dad. While they chatted briefly charles walked in.
Micheal: turn towards him as he stood up facing him, though age was telling on him but he was still strong, he held the palm of charles firmly. I cant thank you enough doctor charles, for years of dedication, you worked tirelessly to ensure my daughter’s full recovery am really grateful charles. He said showing lots of emotions
Charles: smile# shes like a family to me too you know, no thanks neccessary mr fadden.
Helen: stood up too with teary eyes as she gave him a hug.
Charles: we did only our best ma’am, am afraid as to her getting all lost memories, we can only do 30percent and 70 is up to her to get back lost memories, for now she can be taken home, she has to be back for check ups from time to time
To be continued