Mr Perfect Episode 12


At the almost end of our summer vacation dad bought ricky and i, 2 sports car, red for ricky and black for me. Well it didnt make me any happier but i was thankful, ricky on the other seems to have gotten his complete half. Always looking for new decors to add to the beauty of his car.
Finally it was time to resume at patmos college, our bags were packed and placed in the trunk.
Pamela: who helped abit with the lugagges, i wish am going to college too she said with a squeezed face.
Me: well its not in her trait to show emotions, she likes being incharge, but i dont see her as being bossy tho. Smiles# give it time
Pamela: come here!! She said hugging me, am gonna miss you alot you know
Me: i guess that means you’ll be calling often?? I said sarcastically.
Pamela: hahah hell no am too busy for that
Ricky: i thought i saw someone sharing a hug???
Pamela: that was goodbye silly
Ricky: opened his arms wild as he smiled with close eyes, wish papa goodbye too.
Pamela: hahahaha she laughed as she hugged him too, and ricky dont get too naughty in school otherwise you gonna be grounded.
Ricky: yes momma he said entering his car.
We got in and drove off smiling, when a blue shining sports car blocked our path.
Me: whats wrong with this fella i said as we horned at him almost immediately, just then his roof began to fold backwards.
Damian: standing hahahah were the hell are you kids going without me??
Ricky: you’ve got a sport car too???
Damien: 2sport cars actually
Ricky: step on it man lets beat it
Damien: your going down bro, dont cry on me later.
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They both step on the accelerator and geared up, they moved at a very high speed, i was behind watching their every move to see who wins. They got to school gate at the same time. The school was quite huge, we drove in to our dorms, which has a huge packing space opposite it, with lots of car which were owned by students.
After a brief search i found my room. Arranged my bags properly, while in high school we’ve always talked about college, and uhmm am sure on few occassion i heard them say you’d have your first roommate in college, well i guess this isnt a regular college i admitted with smile, i really loved my privacy. I was outspoken but never a talkative, well i like it simple, show off has never been my thing, the room wasnt that spacious, but it had its own toiletries. I arranged the books i came with in my locker.
charles morrison lenardo, a pure spanish, his parents were well to do, his dad was a marine engineer, he was always far away from home. His mum died of cancer when he was 8, he was a lonely kid with servants and nanies, his dream had always been to be a doctor. At high school he met a young half spanish kid, they bonded so well like brothers, and over the years they looked more alike, cute, tall, average body built, although his friend was cuter as most ladies always said. He lost his dad, while graduating from highschool, well his dad mr morrison, was more of a billonaire. He really didnt miss his dad that much, he saw him just twice every year.
Although now divorced, he was married to an american lady, and had a very beautiful daughter, who had a sweet spanish accent.
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To be continued