Agyemang Episode 12


What a touching story, this really means that she wasn’t my step sister after all. That was so close. 
Well it doesn’t really change anything; she was still too young, young enough to be my kid sister. Whichever way it was, it really got me thinking. I felt sorry for Jacky. I could see how hurt she was when she began narrating everything she had been through to me. 
Her story was far from over. Due to what that cruel neighbor did, her life changed totally. She began having interest and sexual relations with guys as young as she was and that explains why she could kiss me so good like an expert. This is the more reason why I should help her rather  than taking advantage of her situation. 
Jacky’s mother arrived with a certain man who happens to be her pastor. I could see how disappointed Jacky looked. It was obvious that she needed more time to spend with me. 
Just as Jacky’s mother saw me, she quickly embraced me. “It’s good you are here, we really need to talk” She said. She asked Jacky to go to her room leaving me with her and the pastor. 
I told her everything and how I ended up in Accra. Back in the village, I remembered my father will occasionally pay a visit to the city for reasons best to known to him. I found my mother complaining a lot about it but her complains were not enough to stop my father. From what Jacky’s mother told me, she was the reason for all those visits. 
They both freaked out when I told her that my mother is currently on admission at the hospital. To my surprise, Jacky’s mother asked me to take them to the hospital so she can pay a visit to her, notwithstanding their differences. 
I had no option. I took them to the hospital. This time round, I was permitted to see them. My mother’s condition was quite stable as at that time. Before I went to my mother’s ward, Festus and Joe had already arrived and were with Esther. 
From where I stood I could also see Joan in another ward with her whole body covered with bandage. This reminded me of the ordeal I went through in the hands of those young men who mistook me for a thief. I went in to see my mother. She was far asleep when I entered the ward. 
I was glad to see her doing well so I didn’t spend much time with her. Jacky’s mother and the pastor were there waiting for me when I got out of my mum’s ward. 
I gave them the chance to see her, but Jacky’s mother went in alone leaving me with the pastor. That was when I began believing in prophesies and revelation. My encounter with the pastor brought about so many revelations. 
“I noticed you have been paying a particular attention to the patient at the next ward. Is anything the problem? I am a man of God, you can confide in me” He said. 
“Oh sir, there is no problem. Just that she was the mother of my unborn child and unfortunately she has lost the baby” I answered. 
Then the pastor looked at me from head to toe as if there was something special about my shabby outfit. 
“Is anything the problem Pastor?” I asked him. 
“What about the lady over there covered with bandage, do you know her too?” He asked referring to Joan.
“Oh you mean Joan, well there is nothing wrong, just that she was with my mother when the accident occurred.” I answered him. 
“hmm, there is more to this than what you are telling me. The good Lord is telling me that this lady here has something against you and until you make peace with her, you may never be happy in your entire life” He said. 
That definitely freaked me out. This actually meant that Joan’s mysterious curse was actually working. 
“Pastor, you are right. Please help me talk to her” I asked the pastor. Just when I said that, I saw the nurses rushing out of Joan’s ward calling for doctors to come to Joan’s aid. She seem to be in a critical condition. 
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I got panic with all this happenings. Then I remembered what she told me before she left the house with my mother “this is just the beginning, you will know how it feels like when you lose everything you ever loved and cherish around you and when that moment comes and you come in looking for me, you won’t find me”. I got frightened even more when I remembered this. A doctor rushed into her ward and for the past one hour we were still at the OPD waiting for the doctor’s feedback. 
I wanted to see Esther during all this while but Joe and Festus were still at her ward.  We were joined by Jacky who was all along waiting for us in the car. 
The doctor finally came out looking very stressed up. I quickly rushed in on him to find out if everything was alright with Joan. I couldn’t believe it, when he finally broke the news to me. She was dead and there was nothing anyone could do about it. 
I got stunned with the news. I didn’t see myself accepting such reality. Joan dead? That was too much for me to handle. Jacky held my hand just to calm me down. The pastor on the other hand was also comforting me but I couldn’t even hear a word of what he was saying. I was just lost at that moment, still in disbelief that Joan is really out of the picture. 
Then all of a sudden, Jacky started freaking out. At first, I thought it was because of me but it was far from that. She freaked out just when she saw Joe and Festus coming out of Esther’s ward. I must say, her actions got myself and the pastor’s attention. 
“That’s him, That’s him Agyemang, He is the one who raped me” She said pointing fingers at Joe. 
To be Continued
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