Mr Perfect Episode 13


​It was morning already, i got up showered, got dressed in tight jeans and a white longsleeved T-shirt, stood in front of the mirror, as i carefully arranged my dark silky hair side ways. Looking at the mirror i was impressed, by the reflection of my cute self
I quickly grabbed my bag, and was of to class, listened to the tutor, with rapt attention but the girl next to me kept making nasty sounds with the gum in her mouth. As much as i tried not to pay attention to her the more distracted i get by those inching sound and i was irritated.
Me: could you do away with the gum in your mouth i said with uhmmm an expressionless face, a bit mean tho.
Girl: scoffed# its my gum and i decide what to do with it!!! She yelled a bit.
Me: i was a bit shocked, well i thought i was polite enough, she looks agressive too, i grabbed my books and made to leave the seat, before i get bitten.
Girl: dumb-a-s!!!
Me: seriously did she just called me that?? The next voice in my head, was pay no attention to that man. I quickly took another seat next to a guy. Dressed like a rockstar. The class went on for almost 4hrs, 70% of the student were either asleep or absent minded.
*****patmos college*****
was found sometime back in the 90’s by rich individual in the state to enhance good and comfortable learning for children of elite family, the school was known for it standard facility and conducive learning environment. However in recent times there were high level of indiscipline as every rich kid claims his parents were richer, which resulted to bullies and fight, the only thing they want more was fun rather than education.
finally the class was over everyone was leaving for lunch and i quickly joined them, on my tray was an apple, irish potato and a hot sauce. The cafeteria was quite spacious with colourful red tables, my eyes found an empty table where i sited. I was about eating when i heard booom!!
Ricky: there you are!!!! He said smiling. His hair packed backward with a pink ribbon.
Me: nice ribbon ric i said with smile
Ricky: haahah thanks bro
Me: its girlish take it off
Ricky: hahaha no way luke this is my trophey banger of the year.
Me: hahahahah seriously? just when we heard 2 feminine voices.
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Girl: hi can we sit here??
Me: uhmm actually its already ta…..before i could finish my world ricky bumped in.
Ricky: giving a charming smile, sure ladies make yourselves comfortable.
Me: aaaarrrghh he is doing it again the reason i hate hanging out with him, he lures them in and am the one who get stalked at the end of the day.
Mira; am mira she said looking in my direction. I was focused on my meal, i had to be outta here.
Ricky: luke!!!!!!
Me: sssssshhhh you dont talk over meal
Girl2: haahhaa am lana she quickly added.
Ricky: am rico, my famz calls me ricky, and for you girls you might wanna dicky!! I wouldnt mind he said smiling as they burst in laughter.
Lana: come on luke eat slowly.
Me: wasnt planning to answer that right now, i knew how my last stalker story ended, she claimed she was inlove!! Wheeeew, wonder why that word existed anyway. Always calling writting, and sending me gift. I was still in thought no! stalkers sucks, i said hitting my chest hard a little, trying to snap out of those thinking. When i looked up they were all staring at me like i was crazy.
Ricky: shaking his head
To be continued