Mr Perfect Episode 8


​Charles wasnt quite shock about her condition, before milan made his request, a meeting was held concerning the patient and the conclusion was that in other to speeden her recovery. Those hurting memories has to be kept out of reach. You dont have a brother mirabel he said.
Mirabel: then who is lucas she asked in uttermost confusion.
Charles: it then dawned on him she was begining to have partial memory lost. Its ok mirabel
Mirabel: no its not, i dont feel complete, something is not right
Charles: you need to rest mirabel, you’d be better of when you wake up
It was a beautiful morning, lucas woke up stretched a little walk toward the door, turned the knob and the door was open, he rubbed his sleepy eyes gently, just when he stepped out of the room. His eyes feel on a birthday card placed at his door post.
He bent to pick it up, taking a close look at it, on the front page was happy birthday lucas, in bold and colourful letters. Momma loves you written on the bottom right.
This was exactly what he needed to have a wonderful birthday. There was never a year she didnt celebrate his birthday but this was definitely gonna be the best, she still remembered his birthday even when he’s away. He walked downstairs and all lights where switched of, the house almost seemed like there was no one in it. He walked to the sitting room looking around and there was no one.
Just then the light came up again and the sitting room glittered with different decorations, and everyone came out of their hid out singing happy birthday songs, almost immediately. While lucas smiled happily, as he looked around to see his dad, stepmum, half brothers and sister, servants and cooks, securities, and of course joe.
Lucas: she left after dropping the card i guess, he said in his head feeling sad a little. Just then ricky walked in with a toy ak47 which uses colorful balls as bullets.
He shot the balls at him snapping him out of his thought
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Ricky: you dont go A-crowd on your birthday kid he said sarcastically.
Lucas: aaaawww i was feeling happy.
Ricky: cocked his gun again, thats the cake over there move it he said sarcastically pointing the gun at him.
Lucas: alright captain he said smiling with his hands in the air.
Pamela: clad in a bakers cloth stood in front of the cake. Lucas!! Step forward she said in a spanish tone hand over the knife to him. You may cut the cake.
Lucas: moved forward, he cut the cake happily.
Damien: moved forward grabbing the knife to cut a piece.
Pamela: swiftly slapping his hands.
Damien: ouch!!! What!!!
Pamela: you are the oldest act responsible, she said imitating her mum, she took the knife cut a huge piece for herself walked away smiling as everyone bursted into laughter.
Milan: turning to vanessa, she looks just like you honey he said with smiles.
Vanessa: hahah shes outspoken.
The cake was taken away and lucas was taken to a huge pile of gifts.
Milan: happy birthday lucas, they are all yours
Lucas: his eyes opened wild, seriously!! Your the coolest dad! he said giving him a hug. As he rushed to his pile of gifts, quickly unwrapping them, one after another. There were lots of robot toys, ball guns, water guns, cars.
To be continued