Mr Perfect Episode 7


​Vanessa: ok now go out there and be cool with your brother ok?. They all looked at her with folded arms.
Ricky: mama know’s best, he said in a naughty tone and they all turned to leave.
Milan: i know this place doesnt look like home, he snapped his fingers and a man in black leathery suit. Thats joe, he’s gonna be helping you adjust.
Looking at him, he just gave a onesided smile.
Joe: bent close to him, you must be lucas.
Lucas: nodds
Joe: can i see your wrist??
Lucas: stretch his arm forward
Joe: reach for his pocket and got out a black shining watch, and got it on his wrist. There you go, whenever you need anything just press the silver botton over there.
Lucas: looking amused, he hit the silver botton, beeping sound was heard around joe, who quickly reached for his walkin talkin.
Joe: that’s it, he said with a smile, Just then the 3 children walked to where they stood
children: hello luke they said with a weird face in unison.
Lucas: he couldnt help but laugh at their cheer puffy faces. While milan and joe just stared.
Pamela: seriously!!!!
Ricky: omg!!! You lost your front tooth too???
Lucas: it fell, he said swiftly closing his mouth.
Ricky: bursted uncontrollably in laughter.
Lucas: yours is missing too.
Ricky: it fell, he said imitating lucas as he walked away laughing like he has lost his mind.
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Pamela: whispering to damien, i see similar naughtyness.
Damien: nodding great disaster we should pray, they both walked away.
Bit by bit he was getting used to life in the mansion, milan saw that he was well thought. Getting along with the kids was quite easy, it almost seem like having 2 ricky in one house.
seated in his office going through some patients file when milan called.
Charles: hello
Milan: are you at the hospital??
Charles: ya why do you ask?
Milan: cos i just walked in he said into the phone and hunged up.
Charles: in less than a minute his door flew upon and milan walked in.
Milan: smiles sorry about the suprise visit, i should have been here sooner.
Charles: ok why are you here
Milan: first to thank you, for the cover up ofcourse and 2ndly i dont intend giving that child back, am aware she’s still in your care. It’s best you make her forget.
Charles: hmm with raised eye brows, like wipe that part of her memory??
Milan: precisely he said with a smirk.
Charles: smile, you’ve always been a man that gets whatever he wants. Right now am gonna give an advice as a friend. Let her be
Milan: he look quite serious, i just dont want complications charles.
Charles: where you ever inloved with her?? Like you claimed? You know have always wondered
Milan: then i should be leaving now, he stood up to leave.
Charles: her condition is critical and your cover up idea is inhuman
Milan: paused 4 a while and left.
Just then a nurse walked in
Nurse: she’s awake
Charles: rushed over immediately, to see her struggling with a nurse,
Mirabel: were is lucas!!!
Charles: mirabel plsss calm down
Mirabel: charles!!!!! She said with her eyes wild open.
Nurse: she keeps asking of lucas
Charles: who is lucas mirabel?? He asked pretending not to know.
Her hair scattered like an insane person looking confused at the question. Almost seemed like her brains couldnt find answers.
Mirabel: looks at him in confusion, my brother??
To be continued