Mr Perfect Episode 4


​He quickly turned to charles, in shock
Milano: how did she get here
Charles: opening the door, before answering that you got to see this too! He led milano to luke’s ward.
Milano: looking at the cute kid with dark curly hairs lying unconciously. Why am i here?? He asked looking confused.
Charles: she is the mother of this lad
Milano: she was with a child all these years??
Charles: she must have been hidding so well, perhaps she just wanted a perfect life with her son, obviously she aint normal.
Milano: her illness worsened???
Charles: thats the result of her insanity he said pointing at the kid, he got bruces all over his body.
Milano: i need you to run a paternity test.
Charles: ok then, he said as he led him to his office and instructed a nurse to carry out the proccess.
In less than an hour, the results and the blood group matched.
Milano: smiling, this is truely a goodnews charles.
Charles: smiled a bit, what exactly are you thinking.
Milano: am taking my son with me charles, none of my child would be raised far from home.
Charles: i suppose you know the step you’re about taking is a huge one.
Milano: am sure her parents doesnt know were she is right now. Am taking my child and your gonna contact her parents, for her to be well taken care of. I dont want to get involved with her.
Charles: exhales, once he’s fine am sending him to your mansion right away.
15years before…………
Mirabel a college graduate, with a degree in law, and skillful in business and bargains. Putting her talent into use wasnt a difficult one because her dad micheal mcfadden was the c.e.o of fadden’s corp, he had multi-milion dollar investments, seyona as her mum would call her fitted perfectly into this picture.
All happiness she was truncated, when they got into dealings with the martinez. Which turned out to be the begining of new friendship bond between both family. Milano was the only child and heir to all the families asset, he was calm, cute and smart. But deep down he was a cronic womanizer. Mirabel on the other hand was goddess of beauty herself, with smiles no man could ever say no to.
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Gradually both family nurture the taught of solidifying their relationship by getting married. Milano agreed to do this almost immediately, he was so into her, to extent he felt he was inlove.
Mirabel never liked him from the onset, and she couldnt pin-point why. Gradually the pressure on mirabel increased and a force union was formed. Her hatred for milano increased even more when she found out his secret dealings with ladies. 
Even as a wife, she vowed never to be his play thing, and they never got intimate. Milano was at his very best to proof to her he was a good husband, she knew his desires and never concented. It was quite a show, which of cause didnt last.
Pissed milano came back home on a rainy night looking a bit haggard with alcohol smells all around him. His eyes red with rage, his frustration could be seen on his face, it almost seemed like he got all the women he wanted and this one under his roofs is still out of his reach.
Mirabel: shocked “why are you here??? Its late already please leave am trying to get some sleep”
Milano: smiling “you’re my wife right?? And am your husband!!! We can sleep here together, tonight”
Mirabel: althought he sounded a bit naughty, she felt relieved a bit when she realize he was sane and not drunk. “Your wife?? She scoffed leave my room milan!!!.”
Milano: have tried talking and pleadings, but you mirabel dont want my happiness at all. Tonight is gonna be the begining of joy for me, dont worry girl you gonna love it. Before she could say anything, He swiftly moved to where she was as she made to get away, he seized her nighties tore it open like an angry beast, whilst he had his way with her, she cried for help until she passed out.
To be continued