Agyemang Episode 11


However, Joan was covered with blood all over; her condition was not looking good at all.  They led them away into the emergency room. No one was ready to talk to me. I didn’t know how or when the incident occurred.  
I found myself inwardly weeping over the loss of my child and even the worse of it all, Esther may not even bare a child again all because of me. Now there is my mother and Joan in critical condition all because I made them angry for them to leave. Somehow, everything that is happening has something to do with me. 
Festus my friend finally came over and to my surprise, he came along with Joe the least I expected. I came out of Esther’s ward and saw them both at the OPD. Joe didn’t bother to talk to me, It was Festus who actually asked me where Esther’s ward was.  They both rushed in after I directed them to the ward. 
I felt lonely, blaming myself for everything. I didn’t even know who to talk to neither did I know who to call. Emy is gone, I betrayed my friend Joe and now Festus is with Joe. My own mother is angry with me and as a  result, she is here in the hospital together with Joan under a critical condition. 
This is the time I needed to talk to someone. This is the time I needed to talk to my friends but I guess I have no one now. The only person I could think of was Jacky’s mother. Maybe this was the time for me to really clear up things with her. Because as it stands now, she may be my step mother, making Jacky, my “no go crush” my step sister. 
If that was really the case, then I have really made a fool out of myself. My lust have gone way over the board and for that, I am not proud of. I had to straighten up things. Fortunately,  the hospital was just a few kilometers away from Jacky’s mother’s house so I decided to pay a quick visit to her just to clear up things. 
I quickly rushed out of the hospital, took the first cab I saw, and in no time I got to  Jacky’s mother’s end. This time around, I met Jacky who quickly jump and hugged me the moment she set her eyes on me. After everything that had happened I really missed her a lot and even from her reaction I knew the feeling was definitely mutual.
The first question I asked was the whereabouts of her mother. I found out that she had actually gone to see her pastor meaning I was once again alone with Jacky under the same roof.  Maybe it was for the best, I can actually use this opportunity to really interrogate her on who her father really is. 
“Will she be long?” I asked. 
“Well, she left here about 15mins ago, maybe in an hour or two she will be back” Jacky answered. 
Aside everything that was going on, I just don’t get what was going on with me. I found myself admiring her over again. There she was again with a very short black jeans exposing those hips again.  She wore a yellow thang top which held her breast very firm and quite exposing. 
I had to look for a way to distract myself. “Can I ask you something Jacky?” I asked.
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“Oh is it about what happened the last time? It’s my fault. I wanted it to happen” She revealed. 
“What? Are you saying, you planned it all out?” I asked. I was just surprised about the whole thing. 
“You think I don’t notice how you look at me, even when you are teaching me? I may be a kid, but I know everything that is going on. It’s a modern world” She kept on rattling.
“Do you realize what you almost put me through?” I asked. I was even getting angry of this. I mean, I am the guy, I am the one suppose to be doing all the calculating and manipulating not her, and the worse of it all is that  she is a teenager too.  
“Come on, at least, I got you out of that mess anyway with the day dreaming story” She said.  
“Jacky, look this can’t be happening. Do you know who you are to me? ” I asked. “That’s even why I am here. We need to talk. tell me about your father” I said. 
She looked at me in a weird way knowing very well that I was not in the right position to ask her about her father.  “What has my father done? why the sudden interest in him?” she asked me in return.
“Just tell me Jacky, I want to know more about your family. There is something really going on that I need to end” I said hoping that I will get everything out of her but little did I know that I was about opening old  wounds. 
“I don’t really like talking about my father because of the way he treated my late mother” She said.  Late mother? That really got me confused. 
“Are you saying your mother is late? I asked. 
“Yeah, my mother died when I was 10 years, I grew up in a home where my father beats up my mother anytime they had little argument. Shortly after my mother passed away, I got raped by a neighbor and eventually got pregnant. I couldn’t tell my father about it because I was scared. He only discovered it when I began bleeding profusely after I had had an abortion. Then he sacked me from the house, that’s how come I ended up here in Mrs Davis house. She treated me like her own daughter. I am not surprise that you thought am her daughter.” She said.
What a touching story. This really means that she wasn’t my step sister after all. That was so close!
To be continued. 
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