Mr Perfect Episode 3


My name is lucas……….well i know its sounds funny but i dont think i know my last name, actually so far there’s been no reason for me to have one. All my life have known just one lady…….my mum. 
Although she acts weird, and i get badly hurt, but somehow i still feel this bond deep down that she loves me and would never want me to get hurt. Am 9years old and my 10th birthday is coming up soonest. The little quarter of my life here on earth has been with my mum, no friends, no tutor, no play mates.
On a very good day mum said she’s only keeping me indoors to protect me from the outside world. And there were monsters out there who possesses human and make them do evil things, she told me lots of scary stories too. Well all those was to make me scared, so i’d remain indoors and i think it worked for a life time.
he was kept in the intensive care unit, oxygen pipe was attached to his nostrils and placed on an ECG machine, his temperature was far below normal. While mirabel starred in shock with tears in her eyes, he is all i have got, she kept on muttering to her self, when a nurse led her out. So that she could sign all neccessary paper works, which she relunctantly did.
She sat patiently at the reception while she waited for her son to come out fine. She was being too hard on her self, the aches returned and the strange voices were speaking again. She tried fighting hard by holding her head, not realizing she was already creating a scene. Nurse quickly rushed to her aid but they were over powered. One of the nurse quickly injected her with some fluid and she passed out. Just then the doctor in charged of the mental asylum walked in.
Charles: whats her name again?? He asked hold a pen and a file
Nurse1: mirabel seyona mcfaddens.
Charles: with raised eye brows what!!!!!, quickly take her to a safe room and keep an eye on her ok??
She was once his patient, she had a mental illness called physchosis. Though her dad was famous she was married to the ceo of STYLES DAILY and MJ chocolates, who was from alabama. Well he never had her love from the begining it was all her parents doing. As a result of total denial she began to show symthoms of physchosis in its simplest form and was placed on therapy.
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how did she become like this he wondered to himself, milano martinez was his friend, they went on vacations together. He decided to fill him in on current happenings.
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A cute american/spanish, tall and fair complexioned man in his late 30’s neatly arranged mustache and hair. Dressed gorgeously in blue tux, he seemed a little busy in his office. Just then his phone rang. He checked the caller and it was charles, he picked up.
Milano: i trust you have something interesting to tell me doctor charles.
Charles: are you busy??
Milano: whats wrong charles
Charles: i think I have got something you’d want to see, lets meet at the hospital
Milano: i’ll be there, he said and hung up. Charles was never someone to play pranks on him.
He quickly left his office after instructing his secretary what to do, he drove down to the general health centre were charles worked. Walked into his office and found his friend pacing.
Milano: am here now
Charles: good then we should go rightaway. He led the way to the room were mirabel was kept, he open the door and allowed milano in.
Milano: mirabel???? He asked with a puzzled look.